Training to Survive this Would be . . . Interesting

Training to survive this would be … interesting :eek:

Adrenaline anyone?


I wish we had those at our beaches (in Pula), I would certainly stop lifting and start riding… Ahh… thoutghts :rolleyes:

The force of that wave crashing on him would surely kill him if he fell. It should have been at least $1,000,000 to cover life insurance purposes:) That is scary…really.

Ahh come on, its just a little water.


Could you just imagine it though? That wave landing on you! If you havent been trashed by a 6ft wave, it hurts bad…really bad. Especially if you get thrown into the bottom of the sea floor. Ive never heard of waves that big in Mexico…amazing.

rupert you should be banned for your avatar…lol


well i have some prety good ideas about training to withstand that kind of fall.

they involve speeding cars and concrete walls

haha, very high impact!!! Plyometrics for the body :smiley: