Training to jump higher and run faster

My names Andy im 16 and I play soccer, basketball, and im going to do track this year also.

My current stats are…

hieght- 5’8
40 yrd.-4.78
front squat-150
power clean-havnt done them yet

Background- I used to be a bodybuilder intill about 1-2 months ago I switched to a power/olympic lifter. I have only wieght trained my legs once last week. I figure by starting to wieght lift and do pylos with my legs my speed should go up pretty quick im hoping.

My goals- By the end of summer (in 2 months) I want to be able to jump (vertical) 34" and run a 40 in 4.5-4.6 area. Also keep my wieght down in the 155-160 area and bench 220-240 and front squat 170-190.

The training I plan on doing to meet these goals is…

Monday-soccer practice
Tuesday-basketball practice
Wednesday-soccer practice/leg heavy day
Friday-upper heavy day
Saturday-leg speed day
Sunday-traps/abs/rows/2 mile jog

All reps in the 1-5 range and rest between sets is 3-5 minutes.

Workout routine…

Wednesday-Heavy leg day

-3 sets of warmup front squats
-Front squat- 5x5 setup
-Dead lift-3x3
-Barbell lounge-2x6

Saturday- Heavycore/pylos

-3 sets of warmup bench press
-bench press- 10,8,6,4
-decline press- 10,8,6
-rim jumps-2x4
-stair jumps-2x3
-depth jumps-2x4

Sunday- Core training

-rows- 8,7,6
-pull ups- 12,10,8,6
-crunches- 15,15,12,12,10,10

Why the 2 mile jog? And where’s your rest day?

With doing basketball twice a week i’d keep the plyo numbers low or better yet eliminate them.
Do legs on a basketball day.

For soccer I need to be able to do a 2mile run in 15 minutes. So im doing it to get ready for it when it comes up.