Training to Enter the Next Level.

Why would you be ending the journal? Nobody said it would be easy, you had surgery and took a good bit of time off. I don’t see how you could expect to be at all time PR’s. Take some time for some GPP, add on some muscle, tack on 50-100 lbs. to your lifts, run sprints a few times a week. Things will be OK, commit to the grind for the long haul. It’s the only way forward…

I didn’t say that I’ve given up. There are too many issues with my training. I’m getting no where, I’m like a chicken running with his head cut off! I wasn’t expecting PB’s, but I could have at least had better numbers that those.

Seriously though, I need to start fresh and this journal is too long. A new journal is necessary as I will construct a game plan starting Monday.

Go hire a qualified coach because 5yrs from now you will be looking back at all the wasted time.

No, I’m wasting my time because I simply don’t have the confidence in progressing with my lower back injury. I keep overestimating the safety of my lower back. I feel that if I try to progress now then I will just be back at square one. My back is already starting to feel inflammed after just testing my jumps. What good is it to progress when that happens?

Yes you are wasting time, you have been training and not making progress at all, I call that wasting time. You should be progressing in something every 3-4 weeks. You are still very young and your training knowledge isn’t that great, don’t let it bite you in the ass 4 years from now.

I agree, that’s why it’s time to make changes…

What’s your training plan? It seems like you have been doing flying sprints etc from day 1, what happen to progressing to those types of runs etc etc.

I am not saying to go out and spend 1000 bucks per week but you may look into getting some online training from someone like Derek, Mike Young, or KB.

BTW, Derek is great and has helped me tons.

Like you said earlier, my knowledge of training sucks so I’m going to get some online training. I just want to get better performance numbers while keeping my lower back healthy. I know it’s not going to be easy and it will require a lot of patience.

Just an aside and a much more minor issue, I wouldn’t do myofascial release via foam rolling as part of a warm-up before a high intensity workout. Spells all kinds of bad.

BTW your numbers really aren’t that bad. I don’t know how you’re timing the 40yd, most likely a HT, but it isn’t that bad depending on how accurate it is. You went <2 seconds for 20yd-40yd, which is on pace to be pretty good. To give you an idea, most guys running 10.7-10.9 in the 100m are going to have a 20m-30m split in the 1.04-1.08 range or so during a race. Given your FAT bests and the injury, it isn’t that bad. I don’t know the weight you used for the OHB test, but 18 yards is pretty legit. Overall, the numbers really aren’t that bad if you’re measuring the things correctly.

RB is right about seeing someone else though to get a second opinion, if possible.

The OHB was 8lbs, how would you rank that? It still isn’t within my best though. And the sprints were hand timed.

I was told that foam rolling was necessary for the warmup by a sports chiro who was highly recommended by Pfaff. Mainly just because I’m so tight all the time. I literally have to use a baseball just to get loose. The tennis ball is useless because it doesn’t get deep enough.

Very easy foam rolling is ok before a race or speed session but nothing deep nor long.

Ah… 8lb is a lot lighter than I was thinking. Most numbers are based on a 12lb or 16lb shot.

He told you to do that before a HIGH INTENSITY workout? With sprints, plyos, weights? I ask for the clarification because Pfaff specifically speaks against this kind of work in numerous materials. High intensity therapy right before doing stuff like this is at best asking for lower performance levels, possibly injury. There is a ton of research on this in different neurology literature involving the activation of nocioceptors immediately before activity.

There is footage of Trey Hardee using this kind of work but it was very low intensity, probably akin to using “The Stick”. Definitely wasn’t looking to release anything or get deep.

Kyle, what have you been using for lower body strength workouts?

The 40 isn’t bad, all things considered. You aren’t that far off your all time best, right? The broad jump and the OHB are the ones that raise a red flag for me, is it possible that you are still guarding yourself when maximally extending the hip?

Yeah, the stick is great and I use it a lot, but it is just a lot different than myofascial release via foam rolling, let alone a baseball or bat or whatever else like that! Way way excessive. The stick, when used properly, is akin to a shake out or flushing massage in some ways, while foam rolling is more akin to Rolfing or something of that nature. Definitely wouldn’t be doing that before a workout.

I’m also not convinced I’d test someone in the OHB so recently coming back from a back injury. Most people have so much excessive lumbar extension in the OHB it is asking for injury in healthy people, let alone someone with an injury history. TWhite is probably right on with his assessment of the guarding.

Agreed, I would stay away from most jumps and OHB if you are still having an issue with the spine. OHB for height should be OK as long as you aren’t cueing excessive lumbar extension as fogelson said. I would do a ton of pelvic stabilization work and save the soft tissue methods for after the session along with some stretching if you are excessively tight.

I’m surprised that you are still having issues with the back, have any of your previous symptoms returned?

Fogelson, the reason why he prescribed using the deep massage stuff preworkout is because I get extremely tight. Particulary in the glutes and erector spinae, it is a big issue for me. I’m thinking it is neural tension and a sign that my spine is telling me to stop doing whatever I’m doing.

Thomas, my all time best 40 was 4.52 so I’m still off by a lot. Lately I’ve been doing heavy Bulgarians, Barbell Glute Bridges, and some general pchain work.

As far as guarding myself when maximally extending my hip, I would say a little bit not much.

My previous symptoms haven’t returned but I can feel that if I keep doing HI stuff like jumping, then they are going to return. Look what happened to me the day before my tryout.

I’d say about twice per day I spend a good amount of time using the baseball for massage and static stretch the hamstings, hip flexors, and erector spinae. My biggest problem is staying loose, period! I’d say that my workouts during the summer were worthless because I was very tight during most of the workouts.