Training Shoe Weight

I know this might sound a bit picky but do you think there is any benefit to wearing a lighter or heavier training shoe during plyos and/or track workouts?

I tend to wear a heavier training shoe around 13oz for most jumping plyos to get a tiny bit extra workout and 5oz running flats for other plyos and tempo work for a slightly lighter load.

Anyone else have an opinion on this?

Well I guess for plyos you really wouldn’t NEED the heavier shoes for the extra wieght. Plyos are already pretty intense. You might want them for the added cushioning. I wear heavy trainers during XC, when my milage is upwards of 50 Miles/Week, otherwise I get real sore feet/tendons, but for track I can get away with a lighter shoe.

I know you guys are talking about the weight of shoes but here’s an example of why it won’t make that much difference.

People often use this as an excuse not to use orthotics when sprinting. Look, how much difference can a little heavier shoe make in racing conditions? Honestly? Maybe enough when your competing for an olympic medal but definately not that much when you running against non olympic athletes! I am not saying you can’t take out the orthotics when doing the final race; however, you have to be used to running without orthotics so that it doesn’t affect your race. I guess what I am saying is don’t bother wasting your time training with heavier shoes, this all relates back to the “training you calves eccentrically thread” in how CF explains that when sprinting you don’t want their to be more weight on the lower leg i.e calve muscle.