Training Questions

G’day everyone,
I’ve been a member for a while now, have a few CF products and I am always reading the great info you guys post on the forum. But I need some help please.

Questions are in relation to 100m-200m

Q1. How many races do you want to have raced in the weeks leading up to the event you are trying to peak for?

  1. How many days/weeks can you hold your peak for?

  2. If trying to peak twice in a racing season, how many weeks should be between each peak, or doesnt it matter?


The question kind of depends on what training you are doing, levels of fitness already achieved etc. In terms of what Charlie did, the general answers are in the Forum Review Ebook/Print Book.

The answers are something like:

  1. 6-10 races (have to check this one)
  2. This depends on how much volume you drop but in my experience probably a week or so before you need to start reloading… but why would you want to be fully peaked any longer? You can perform at a high level for quite a few weeks even before a taper.
  3. You can do it off of 4 weeks in my experience.