training partners clips

here are some clips of my training partner:


20m on curve:


running on the curve:

obviously he has excessive backside mechanics, but im not sure how to fix it. im not sure if its ab strength, a flexibility issue or what. any other observations or suggestions are welcome.

anyone have anything to say?

What is the training age of your partner?

17 i think, 18 in january

Mr. Cocky :slight_smile:

Training Age – I mean how long has he been training soley on this event?
1-3 years etc.

In my opnion he appears to be new and to just keep working on the basic drills that are accompanied with CF system (Charlie Francis)

hes done track since 7th grade, but this is the first year hes taking it seriously. hes going for the 100 and 200, possibly 400.

anything to say about my training videos?

He seems to have a strength deficit. He has very little drive at the start. Plus, If you listen to his foot strikes, you can hear that the strikes are not sharp and ground contact times are too long -I am assuming that he was not suffering from fatigue at the time.

yes they were done fresh. hes not strong, ive just introduced him to lifting, and hes making very nice progress. any other comments?

Keep up the good work and after 6 months to a year get back with a new clip