Training of a Young Athlete

Today (hopefully) my next door neighbor will start training with me. Things will be different for him however. Hell follow the same schedule, but the focus will be on muscle mass and raising work capacity, as I feel this will ellicit the safest and greatest strength in him, and hell work on technique for the more complicated movements. He’ll sprint with me, but at a lower volume and agility/rxn drills will be a focus for him as hes only 11 and everything is very influential in his development still. As for his nervous system stim and fibre conversion, again the increase in fibre size(fast twitch are the largest ones) with sets of 5-8, along with sprinting and light plyometrics should take care of this. I’ll keep an update on his progress, but he more than likely wont start really going along until the summer. The most important part will be to keep it fun. He plays all sports everyday with his friends so thats a plus.