Training nightmares

just thought id ad this thread so athletes and coaches who are involved with elite sport teams like myself can share some of the worst training that they have been fortunate enough to be witness to.

i have worked with 3 different national level sport teams over the past 10 years…

2 league both fulltime 1 soccer part time.

the first league team i worked with had an ex army man as the conditioner they were either number 2 or 3 for a period of 5 years but come semi finals died a bad death.

the army man against my wishes and protest thought it best to not do speed work on a thursday at seasons end as he said “they will peak to soon before the game” so he made them run sand dunes with 20ltr water drums on their back i think we lost 6 straight from the day we started it and went out the back door of the semis.

the list goes one and one
one year