Training journal of Chris30

Day 1 - Speed/Plyos
Day 2 - Cycling/Upper Body Weights
Day 3 - Tempo
Day 4 - Rest
Day 5 - Long Speed/Plyos/Lower Body Weights
Day 6 - Upper Body Weights/Light Tempo
Day 7 - Rest

Day 1 - Speed/Plyos
Warm up:
800-1200 meter jog, stretching, drills, 3x40 strides, 3x20 accels
2 x flying 10 meter sprints with 30 meter runup
2 x 40 meter steep hills (if available)
4 x 60 from the blocks or 3 point start
3 sets pogos (20 reps)
3 sets tuck jumps (10 reps)

Day 2 - Cycling/Upper Body Weights
15 minutes stationary cycling for acid flush
3 sets of flat bench
3 sets of bent over rows
3 sets of standing shoulder press
3 sets of hypers

Day 3 - Tempo/Core
800-1200meter jog, stretching, drills, 3x30 strides
3 x 3 x 120 meter tempo with 45 seconds rest between reps, 2 minutes between sets. set of situps between sets (under 20 seconds per 120meter)
Skipping 3 sets x 60 seconds (double foot landing)

Day 4 - Rest

Day 5 - Long Speed/Plyos/Weights
800-1200meter jog, stretching, drills, 3x30 strides
2 x 3 x 300 meter in flats 3 minutes between reps, 6-8 minutes between sets
4 sets pogos (20 reps) broken into 2x2 first two sets between sets of hills. Last two sets immediately afterwards
3 sets squats
2 sets hypers
2 sets calfs/ham curls/leg extensions (8-10 reps)

Day 6 - Cycling/Upper body weights/Light tempo
10 minutes stationary cycling for acid flush
3 sets of chins
3 sets of standing shoulder press
2 sets of hypers
2x3x80 meter with 30 seconds rest between reps 90 seconds between sets

Day 7 - REST

Lots of food and rest today :slight_smile:
Speed tomorrow!! :cool:

Speed 1:
~400 meters total speed work
· Warm-up: 800 meter walk/jog, drills (A’s, B’s, Ankle drills) stretching, 3x30 meter accelerations)
· 3reps x 2sets x 30meter lying start sprints (3-4 minutes rest in between reps. 8-10 minutes between sets. All timed if possible)
· 5 flying 40’s with 10 meter acceleration phase (5 minutes rest between reps)

Weights after immediately after speed 1: (3 minutes rest between sets)
· 4 sets of back squats (~3-5 reps concentrating on bar speed) Oly style deep
· 3 sets of jump squats (4-6 reps in between sets of squats 50% bodyweight)
· 3 sets of GM’s
· 3 sets of standing calf raise (explosive)

Worked out on grass today with soccer cleats on. Warmup felt good and accels were crisp

Did my timed 30’s from lying start and averaged about 4.1-4.2 seconds with the timer at the finish line shouting GO! as she simultaneously pressed the stopwatch. Felt good, really noticed the importance of arm swing to staying low and not coming up too soon

Only did 3 flying 40 meters felt tired after the 30’s.

Weight room was great.
Squats (OLY buried with explosive positive 3 minutes between sets)
155x5 warmup
95x6 jump squats
95x6 jump squats
95x5 jump squats

Good mornings:
95x6 warmup

Standing Calf raise:
155 x 12 followed by single leg calf raises (heel injury rehab)
185 x 12 x4 followed by single leg calf raises (heel injury rehab)

8 minutes on bike for cooldown

Cool, looking good, keep it up.


Here is from today. (Hybrid Tempo) It was raining hard and freezing cold.

Did 10 minutes easy on the bike for a warmup.

Stretching, A’s and B’s plus another 3 minutes on the bike followed by some light dynamic stretching.

Then I started my “tempo” session.

I would cycle at about 70% of max speed for 17 seconds and then lower the resistance and pedal for 30 seconds and repeat four times.

that was one set.

I performed this 4 times and then did further stretching. I definitely feel better than when I started but tomorrow will tell the tale


I am performing them as part of heel rehab program. Might abdandon them though :slight_smile:


Tonight May 6th

Warmup followed by:

4x4x100 meter tempo

Core work with med ball and weighted situps, hypers, hanging leg raises

Cooldown, stretching and 10 minutes on stationary bike


You mention flying 40s with 10m acceleration. Is that saying you accelerate to full speed in 10m then hold for 40m? Or, do you just accelerate for 10m and then hold that speed for 40m? Either way it doesn’t seem to me to be the ideal use of flying speed work. Unless I have the concept wrong, flying speed work is good for training to hold top speed by slowly accelerating to max v and then holding form for about 20-30m. Is my interpretation correct?? Can someone please either confirm this or correct it!!

You do not need to do any calf exercises in the weight room. The sprint work, snatch, and jump squats are plenty in building your calf strength and power.


didnt see your thread till now…

I am doing a 10 meter acceleration to full speed and then maintaining it. After a few workouts I am going to extend the distance to 50 meters and practice ins/outs.

Here is tonights (May 7th workout)

Supp weights and tempo

Supp weights minus core work (Did heavy core last night and could feel it tonight. (didnt want to cook myself for speed tomorrow)

10 minutes on bike with stretching for warmup

3 sets of seated cable rows

3 sets of push press

2 sets of hypers

Went out then and did tempo outside (raining but not too bad)

warmup jog 800meters, stretching

A’s, B’s, 3x40 strides, dynamic stretching

16 x100 broken into 4 sets of 4 with 30 seconds between reps and 90 seconds between sets.

Back in the gym for cooldown (cold outside) stretching, ankle/calf rehab work and that was it. Feel really good and should be good to go for speed tomorrow.


Crap workout today :frowning:

May 8th

Speed 2

Forgot my soccer cleats and the ground was damp. Did my warmup and four 50 meter accels and said screw it.

did a bit of stretching and came home.

Videotaped a couple of my accels and my leg lift isnt that great and my arm swing was not good either. going to vid again when I do speed on Sunday with proper footwear…

Quads are still sore. Beginning to think there is a technique problem surfacing causing quad tension. Glutes and hams are fine…


Hey, you can post the vid here? That would be nice for us all :slight_smile:

I’ll get more vid on Sunday when I am fresh and put it up. wet grass and flats arent conducive to good accelerative speed :slight_smile: haha

Had a great weight workout today

3 sets of powersnatch up to 185 for double

3 sets of explosive snatch grip deads (up 275 for double)

3 sets front squats (225 for 5 reps)

3 sets of hip extensor exercises (30 reps per side)

3 sets reverse leg press

Feel pretty strong and explosive today


Good tempo day today after weights yesterday.
Warmup, drills, strides

16x100meters broken into 4 sets of 4 with pushups and situps in between.

Legs are feeling nice and loose now, might be able to do speed tomorrow.


Supp weights yesterday :slight_smile:
warmup - ten minutes on bike
4 sets of flat bench - up to 225 for 3 reps explosively
3 sets of standing press - up to 135 for 5 reps explosively
3 sets of dips sets of 6 again explosive
5 sets of situps (total reps around 300)

After weights did:
A’s, B’s, 3 sets of one legged bounds and strides (4x50 meter)


was supposed to do tempo and core yesterday (May 13th) but felt really tired (not sore just fatigued) decided to rest and did some DARD excerises for my ankle/shin

Yo chris

Much respect, what are your personal bests for your events.


Back in 1997 I was running. (10.83 best wind aided, normally 11.0-11.2)

In the 200 I was in the low to mid 22 range most of the time but it varied on time of year and how heavy I was. (I was a pretty heavy sprinter at 180-190 pounds at 6 feet tall)

I am almost 30 now and retired for 6 years. I am hoping for anything in the 11.30-11.50 range FAT in the 100. with decent training.

That will rank me pretty high in Canada in the 30-34P Masters class.

Did Speed today:
warmup, drills, 3x30 strides

3x50 sprints with 4 minutes rest and another 2x50 after 8 minutes rest.

They all felt great and timed in the 5.8-6.0 range (HT) from a command from the finish line.

Starting to feel smoother now and more in control. One thing I notice is that I need to think about my arms alot, I definitely run faster when I think about powering my arms more and letting everything else fall into place.

Went to the gym afterwards and did the following:

3 sets of backsquat buried, OLY style hgih bar: up to 245 for 4 reps

2 sets of GM’s 135 pounds
3 sets each leg rev leg press
3 sets each leg hip extension machine

Was going to do squat jumps but decided against it.

going to get some decent footage in the next week or so for you guys to analyze.


Looking good chris30.