Training Journal for My Little Brother

My little brother is a Baseball Player.
Here are his vitals
Corey, 16 yrs. old
5’8" 165 pounds, athletic build
Right handed, P, 3B, or OF

Our larger goals for him are to keep him healthy (he had shoulder surgery 18 months ago), Improve his pitching mechanics by developing the specific core strength needed to drive deeper, rotate later and extend fully, and develop basic sprinting technique (he runs like he has a stick up his ass).

Basically, this will all look like GPP, b/c in essence, that’s what he is in need of.

Right now, I have him doing the Jobe exercises (as per his Physio suggested) for his shoulders and we’ve begun doing a bare minimum volume of push-ups and sit-ups at home, to raise base fitness levels.

As for weight room work lower body work is focused around full squats and Romanion Deadlifts with Dumbbells. Upper Body Work is focused on Bench Presses (using a medium grip) and lat pulldowns. 3-4 sets are used 6-10 reps. again, very general work.

Training Sprint technique I’m using hills and distance A’s for knee drive and longer tempo (600’s) to help him relax his traps and shoulders. the tempo is at 50%.
A basic MWF split is used, alternating hill days and Tempo, always weight training, and the Jobe exercizes and cals are done daily.
I’ll post his progress every week

Sounds like this will be interesting…

How did he injure himself? I have heard of young pitchers blowing their shoulder’s, but 16 is rather young.

Actually, he blew it at 14 — he’s a very strong boy, solidly built, he threw using too much arm.
Since rehab, his mechanics have improved dramatically. still beats his best presurgery velo by dropping and driving (think roger clemens)

Well, everything is going as planned, and a nice little addendum —

my friend conor, who’s always been tall and very skinny is finally starting to put on some weight — 5 pounds in 2 weeks.

I can’t remember exactly how many innings a young adolescent pitcher is allowed to pitch today, as I do remember covering this topic in a sports medicine class, where “I believe” it was said that they are only allowed to pitch 3 of the 9 innings before switching pitchers, for a total of 3 pitchers per game. Is this correct?

Not in his league — My brother’s gone anywhere from a 1/3rd of an inning to 6 in the books. He’s come in in relief, even played 3b since surgery. it was not an overuse injury, it was a bad mechanics injury

what is 3b?

Third base