Training in Europe

I’m going to be travelling around Europe for about 2 and a half months this summer and want to maintain my training as much as possible. I’m a university basketball player, currently living in British Columbia, Canada. I’ve been training with Herb for about 2 months now. I’ll give a tentative itinerary for our trip so far and I’m looking for any trainers in these areas that would be willing to let me drop in on their sessions while I’m visiting.

Keep in mind these dates are only tentative, we will be backpacking and our scheduals can change at any time! So trainers in ANY of these countries, feel free to let me know and I can work our schedual around it!

ENGLAND - Faversham, Kent (near Canterbury and relatively close to London), I’ll have full access to a vehicle while I’m here!

FRANCE - Paris and surrounding areas (we will more than likely decide to travel around a bit here so anyone in France would be helpful and may persuade our choice of locations)
SPAIN - Pamplona (running of the bulls), then Madrid, and finally Barcelona (possibly adding in San Sebastian if we feel like it)
ANDORRA - we will probably just be passing through, only spending a day here…unless there’s a place I can train :wink:
FRANCE - make our way along the coast, focusing mostly on Nice
MONACCO - Another one day trip

ITALY - Starting off in Cinque Terre, then to Tuscany/Florence, Rome and finally Brindisi
GREECE - Corfu, Ionian Islands, Athens, Cyclades (this is VERY tentative, we are pretty much willing to go anywhere in Greece)
EGYPT - Cairo for about a week
ITALY - Venice
GERMANY - A day or two in Munich and 2-3 days in Heidelberg
FRANCE/ENGLAND - Depending on time, these trips may be very short, or quite long

So that’s what we have planned so far…but we’re mostly just winging it, and haven’t planned much further than the first couple of weeks, but even all that can be changed so fell free to let me know if you’re anywhere near these areas!

Thanks so much!

Paris - Pamplona - Monacco -Venice - Tuscany - Rome - all wonderful: but what the heck you do in Heidelberg??? You going there for realtives or friends?
Rather check munich on the way to Venice or so…

Hahaha…yes visiting a friend who is staying in a town very near there. I don’t really know anything about the place…not very appealing I take it?
Munich hey? That sounds nice…kind of on the way too. I guess we’ll throw that in as well! Thanks! :smiley:

No, don’t get me wrong, it’s a lovely little town along the Neckar river even with a remarkable cultural background, but very little and quite unknown compared all the big main European metropoles you plan to visit.
It can be a nice experience - visiting it you might feel taken back to Germany like it was hundreds of years ago…

But your main question concerned training of course - sorry, can’t help with any training possibilities as I’m not close to any of the named places neither involved in basketball.

In Germany there is a tourist trail (road) they call the “Romantische Strasse” - the spelling is close enough. Anyway it’s very scenic, untouched by WWII. It goes into Bavaria where the highlight is Ludwig II’s castle, upon which the Disney fantasy-land castle is modelled. You can also take in the area around the confluence of the Rhine and Mosel (?) rivers, where they used to have a great little grand prix meet. It’s a major vineyard region and caters to travellers. The cake shops are to die for. :o Ferries run frequently along the river from town to town and there are castles around every other point.

Well thanks anyways Aut_71. Either way the travel info was useful. But I’m not just looking for trainers involved in basketball. I tend to do most of the b-ball specific stuff on my own, however I’m definitly not going to complain about anyone who wants to help with that either. :slight_smile: But I’m mostly looking for trainers doing speed/strength group sessions I could drop in on and also places that I can do some olympic lifting! Sorry I should have stated that beforehand!

Well it seems like you know quite a bit about this area, what part of Germany are you referring to here? I don’t know much about the country and haven’t heard of Bavaria, only some of the major cities. But seeing how you are so familiar with the place, do you know of any trainers in the area that I would be able to get ahold of? :stuck_out_tongue:


I am an Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach in England(UK). Ironically I come from Faversham, Kent - your first place to visit on your trip. I do not live there at the moment, but my family still reside there, so if you want to know where you can train or what the area offers feel free to email me. I would also be more than happy to provide you with any training advice or helpful hints (although it sounds like from your training diary you are pretty much on the right track)


Maybe some of my friends on the Forum will be able to give some info …

My athlete will be running in Europe soon. I plan to go to the UK for 3 weeks (Essex area) from the end of June to middle July. It could be ideal if my athlete can use London as the base, train where I can be present (in between races), and travel from there.

Do you have any info on (cheap) accommodation - hopefully not far from Chelmsford? I know there is a tartan track, not far from where I will be staying. Maybe a university or academy close by?

PLEASE help!! Thank you.

Just to update everyone who doesn’t read my training journal. Uhhh…I fell off a cliff and am no longer going to Europe. :o I guess that’s the short story.

Thank you to everyone who offered assistance in my training endeavours though. Very much appreciated and perhaps I’ll take you up on the offers for Euro Trip 2007! :smiley:

Thanks again!