training idea's and opinions

hi, i’m still trying to find out what would be the best progression in training would be for athletes that dont have an indoor season.

this i was what i was thinking, please give your opinion/advice on the matter.

so if we are talking SPP1 where guys competing indoors would be doing 60’s every session, i was thinking of other options for me.(all other acceleration work would be kept the same)

  1. just do the 60’s
    2)stretch out the distance so i do 100’s instead of the 60’s
  2. mon-30m’s ,wed -60m, fri -100m
    4)mon-60’s wed- 60m, fri -100m

any opinions on the matter???

How about


well thats like SPP2 which is something like
mon 60’s
wed 250’s
fri 80-120

and even if we do get into SPP2 would there be a need to go as far as doing 200’s if i only wanted to race 100m.
the way i see SPP1 is that its based on the indoor season, so only going as long(distance) as the race’s you are gonna do.
so that why i was thinking if im not gonna be running indoors(so no 60’s) then should that distance be pushed out. in CFTS is says speed endurance should only be done once a week, so 100’s are speed end so would be doing all session to 100m instead of 60m be to much for the CNS

Personally I would use something along the lines of:

Monday - 30’s
Wednesday - 80-100
Friday - 60’s

Doing all sessions to 100 would not be too much on the cns IMO depending on the intensity and volume, however developing speed is still the key to success in any sprint program, staying at 100m for workout session will cause a fairly quick plateau. The longer distances come more into play once sufficent speed is developed for the season, I have gone indoor seasons without running a training session thats volume went over 360m total, all sprints between 10m-60m and still managed to hit my 100m pr 4 races into outdoor.

Also even in SPP2 as a rule of thumb I keep practice runs to 120% of the distance being covered in your case 120m, I find little if any benefit training beyond this point, however distances up to 150m may not be counterproductive if you feel them necessary.

well i now ihave the spp1 template from the vancover dvd, so i may follow something similar to that set up.
basically it has 2 special end days which are done using split 60m runs and then 1 speed day.

when going into spp2 would i just change the one spcial end day to a speed end day?