Training Diary?

just a quick one…
I can see that quite a few members are keeping a training diary in the forum, which is of great value!

My question though is, apart from these members, how many of you keep a diary in private?

And if not, why? Would an effective programme/software motivate you more in keeping a diary analysing perhaps results at certain points?

Thanks for any replies!

On here tho…Hard to commit to…Travel Nationally for work, so portability a prob. don’t take my laptop with me all the time. If you’re interested in my prog tho, drop me a line…(I’m a 100/200 sprinter)

Thanks for this!

Actually, I am not interested in any training programmes as such, but more in to how many of the members are really keeping a training diary…

Just curious, as I find it quite interesting…

Thanks again!

i use this for training, and i used to have another for food and heart rate and i would make these little graphs and charts… haha :o

that became problematic because whenever i start keeping track of food i start counting calories, and before i know it i’m eating 1,000 or less per day…

i try to include as much as i can in detail here, including mood and anything else that could be affecting training. why keep another? :slight_smile:

Actually I keep two: The one on this forum, and then another, just because I like having a reference without having to get to the computer all the time.
It is also helpful to keep a hand written journal in case my coach in Greece for instance wants to see what I’ve been doing in the States for workouts.
The only difference is that the internet journal is a lot more detailed, including weather circumstances, personal moods etc. The other just lists the workouts and it’s a lot easier to go back to if I want to see what I did in previous seasons.

I keep one on another forum.

Thanks for the feedback!

I was just wondering if a more thorough training diary, where you can put all info posted above (e.g., training details, food log and other comments about weather conditions, mood on a given day/session, etc) could be helpful in the training process.

And of course, going back to it with some analyses (e.g., tables, graphs, etc) could prove an effective way of monitoring how things are so far and how they can (further) improve!


Depends how detailed you want to be, IMO it would be beneficial but many others would see that as anal. :eek:

FYI here is the template I use

Diet (low, med or high)
Sleep (start and finish)
Time trained
Workout (details including warmup, track work / exercises, rest periods and any relevant comments)
Rating (out of 10)

I think some sort of software to help keep a training diary is an excellent idea. I keep a written one but I must admit I rarely make comparisons with previous years/months etc. I think if it was possible to make easy comparisons (through graphs/tables etc) it would make diaries more useful straight away- good idea Nikoluski!

Yes, that’s what I’ve been thinking of for some time now…

Good to see others might be interested in such an idea!