Training/Certification Books, Vids

I was wondering if anyone here has any books or videos they’d like to sell, share or trade with other members. I’ve got a few vids and books if anyone was interesed.

Paul Chek, Charles Poliquin. Mel Siff, Don Chu. These are some of them I have.

list what ya got!

As for Don “The Chu Chu Lame Train” his books stink. Nice guy though.

What about complex training? Does that stink to?

I forgot I also have 4 Pavel Tsatsouline vids.

Paul Chek Program Design 3 vids
PC Scientific Back 5 vids
Paul Chek Personal Trainer Series 3 Vids
Paul Chek Swiss ball for athletes 2 vids
Charles Poliquin Strength Coaching Theory
Peter Twist Complete Ice Hockey Conditioning (signed) Lol.
Don Chu Jumping into Plyometrics
Mel Siff Supertraining.

I’ve got a lot of old MM2000 magazines too.

complex training is not an invention of Chu’s…some good things with it though.

Believe it or not, Hatfield has a book out called the science of hard core body building, where he covers some complex training. Suff like 5x85 % of your bench then like 5 swings with a baseball bat. Some of the ideas are pretty cool. I will post them when I get a chance. My kids colored all over the book with crayons so… It will take some time!


Hatfield’s ‘Power’ book is one of the texts I found most interesting
It’s an old book - and if you ever pick it up you’ll see alot of the stuf CT and others are now talking about.

Some of the stuff was ahead of it’s time - even in terms of comples training, percentages, supplements etc.

Wanna trade Supertraining for Power to the People, Beyond Stretching (Pavel T), Rock Iron Steel (Steve Justa), High Powered Plyometrics (Radcliffe) and Weightlifting Encyclopedia (Dreschler)?

I cant front :smiley: I am a big fan of some of his training Ideas. I like the one where you run in a 10x10 yard square 2 forward 2 backward then you run on your hands like a wheel barrel and all this foot work stuff. I tried to do 1 set of this and I almost puked is was so damn hard. I could not even move cuz of all he lactic acid build up. The team sport guys (football, baseball etc) seem to like this crap though…

BTW is CT Christian Thib. ?

I’ve already got those Pavel titles. What else you got?

U2U me the price for the chek back vids…

I don’t understand

yeh - I’m too lazy to type long names!

I also agree, Hatfield’s Power book also shows the different ways and methods strength is obtained.

Not much but would you be willing to sell Supertraining for $ + Rock Iron Strength and High Powered Plyos?

I haven’t heard any mention of my favorite book. " Exercise Science: Theory and Practice." by Brian Johnston. This is the best book I have seen to date on all things strength training.

Don’t hold your breath. Do yourself a favor and read as much as you can on this site with respect to strength training and it’s effect on sport/sprint performance. Then when you are done, you will find that all of your texts on HIT training will make for good kindleing for a bonfire.

I’ve been trying to buy a copy of Speed Trap for ages, so I could share it around with friends. I read it a couple of years ago, had to get the local library to order it in from another branch elsewhere in the country. Probably my favourite book I’ve ever read.

I really should’ve ‘lost’ it and just paid the fee to the library. :wink:

Other than that, I don’t really have any decent books on training except some decent general physiology, anatomy textbooks. My university library has quite a lot of good sport science books (Bompa, Zatiorsky, Verkohansky, Siff, Hatfield, etc)

David - try checking used book stores. Number 2 was showing me his collection one day, and told me that he had picked up a number of texts in these stores. I went on vacation last week, and just happened to park in front of used book store when stopping for lunch. Decided to stop in and picked up a copy of Speed Trap for $2 (on sale from $4 :stuck_out_tongue: ). Also got a pretty good old copy of Dyson’s Mechanics of Athletics for $1. Huge score!