Training 400m Race Execution

Greetings track gods,

Looking for some help regarding 400m performance (or lack thereof!);

Have been training for the last 3 months for the sprints - orientated toward a fast 400m, with good speed over 100m and 200m as well.

The coach that I train under is very focused on Int. Tempo workouts, with very little in the way of Speed and Special End. workouts.

For example,
Mon: 150m, 250m, 250m, 150m with 3 minutes recovery (18, 32, 33, 18)
Tues: 2 *(2 x 200) with 2 mins recov, 5 mins between sets
Thurs:4 x 30m from blocks

Competitions are weekly and could possibly serve as Special Endurance runs (?).

Training performances would suggest 400m in 51.x, yet last four performances have been in the 53s range.

It would seem that a lack of speed may be the problem, but times of 11.6e and 23.3e would seem to be fast enough for a much faster 400m than 53 seconds!

Any thoughts/suggestions?

For those of you who are interested, all of this seasons training is recorded under ‘Flyers Training Log’: