I was going to start training for basketball but after reading posts on this forum, i think i have enough time to practice and get ready for track which is in and around 20 weeks from now.

I really have no clue what to do to get in shape for Track and Field. What I was really hoping in doing would be the 100m. Or anything of short distance running. Maybe the long jump.

I am in bad shape now, maybe the worst shape of my life and I owe it all to the summer holidays :wink:

My question is what should i do to begin my training for sprinting, and just for the record, i don’t have a coach and would not be able to afford one anyways, so i would be doing this on my own.


Age: 14
height: 5’4" (With shoes)
wieght: 130
Reach: 7’5" (with shoes)
Vert: 21"
Bench press: 75 lbs.x 7 times (about a month ago)
Leg Press: 220 kg.
Squat: have not maxed out.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in a advance.

I think you should get into some lifting (if you haven’t done so already). A good investment would be to buy charlie’s ebook, it is like 14 dollars and is worth it.

Look around the journal section of this site, I have learned a lot from that. Both of pete’s journals have helped me tremendously with my training. This forum will help you so much, as well as the forum at

The first step you have to do is getting back in shape…

I don’t wanna like work just for sprinting but since i got like 5 months to train for it, why not, i can be in top shape and hopefully be good at something. :smiley:

So i don’t wanna do stuff that will also hinder my performance for basketball.

And i’m checking the journals now.

It definitley won’t hinder your basketball performance, it will help it a lot. Make sure to check pete’s old journal too (its on the second or third page).

Looking at it right now. How old is he when he started? And when he started his journals did he have previous training? it seems he did.

Seems like all of you are probably ticked off from all of the youngsters that have come here asking similar questions, so i can assume none of you are gonna answer me.

I found this, and i’m probably gonna start with this program. I gotta make a weight training poriton though.

What do you guys think about it. There is supposed to be a 4-6 phase but for some reason i guess they didn’t do it.

The weight portion is probably going to have squats (different variations), deadlifts, bench, pull downs, all sorts of stuff. I’ll just start working on that portion in a couple of days. Then it’s on to the nutrition part Gulp