track workout schedule

ok well in a few weeks im starting a new track schedule so i was wondering if this would be a good setup.

i lift 4 times a week and do plyos twice and hurdle mobility twice after tempos. i lift 4 times a week because it works 4 me and not able to do fullbody cause not enough time.

monday-upperbody/plyos/tempo/hurdle mobility
tuesday-lowerbody/special endurance 1
wedneday- core/ acceleration & speed development
thursday-upperbody/plyos/special endurance 2
friday-lowerbody/tempo/hurdle mobility
saturday-hills or sleds or resistance (only 1)

just wanted to know if this looks good for a hs sprinter. also does this kinda look like overtraining?


Nobody has any opinions or thoughts on this schedule???

No. You need to get CF level 1 products.

se1 and lower body weights the day before speed? then se2 the day after speed? how can you hope to produce quality times without any rest?

There is no recovery or low intensity in here at all… Speed work bookended by SE- brutal.

ok so if i switch mondays tempo with se and make tuesday tempo and switch around thursday and friday.


tuesday-temp/lowerbody/hurdle mobility
saturday- hills or sleds or resistance
sunday rest

read cfts and it will answer all questions, because ur model is still wrong.

What you are not getting and people are not quite telling you is that you are not providing for RECOVERY between workouts. Lifting, hurdle mobility, and plyos are NOT recovery. IF you can handle 3 high intensity days on the track (and not everybody can), change your tuesday and thursday workouts to just tempo and adjust your schedule from there.

The organization of your components is still working against you. What is most important, what do you need to be completely fresh to perform adequately? What is the purpose of each component?

where can i find cfts??

explain?? please…

at the top of this page, go to the “Online Store” link and buy the CFTS (Charlie Francis Training System); that is the beginning of your rapid improvement.