Track surfaces

What is the best track surface for an outdoor track? Our school got a new track two years ago and the surface is rekatan sp? Also, the turns are slightly banked and someone said that it is like that because it is an olympic track. Are outdoor tracks suppose to be banked a little?

What kind of spikes (length) shoud I wear on MONDO tracks? what kind of spikes should I where on a new track which is not Mondo…?

ANyone From ONtario able to helpo me out on certain tracks U2u me

When I go home in a few weeks i’ll take pic with a digital camera. It’s noticeable, so I don’t think it’s for the rain, but it might be who knows.

banked outdoor? i highly doubt it… id like to see a picture… although i have heard of a 2% bank on outdoor track but that is so water can be drained… it doesnt affect performance … it isnt even noticeable

mondo 1/4 inch xmas trees i knwo for sure… on other tracks i dont know but i stick with xmas trees.