Track Meets Cover

Complete cover from great events like:
29 July 2003, 2003 Junior Olympics, Miami, Fl

2 March 2003, 2003 USA Indoor Track & Field Championships, Boston, MA

22-23 February 2003, Big East Indoor Track Championships, Syracuse, NY

Better take some time to watch this movies,
as i said it´s a complete cover from whole events,
if someone knows how to “separate” sprint events…
Please let me know.

Syncronize the event schedule times with playback elapsed time. Fast forward to the event you wish to see using the scroll button on the media player. Example: 400m finals scheduled at 11:30a (meet start time 8:00a), elapsed video playback time roughly 3:15.

The NSIC meets have their own event break outs. Use the FILE MARKER option in the video player.

U say whaaatt ???
Please, can u translate this ? :smiley:

Ok TMSSF, i´ll try do this

I didn’t say it would be easy. Although, once you get familiar with the complete page (schedule, results, etc.), navigating through those video archives via the player controls will become less time consuming.

I have enjoyed viewing the whole series of meets on I2sports. But like you and others, I prefer a selective viewing most of the time. :wink: