Track and Field Gear

Where is the best place online to order TF gear (tights, singlets etc)?

Since no one could give me any advice here. I decided on the old ja 3 for $52. I’ll get my tights etc next week.

Lu Lu Lemon used to be great quality but not nearly what is was but the price is the same. There are many knock offs in the market now as well. If you have any issues with LuLuLemon tights or gear they will replace it but it’s very expensive and I’ve had issues with their gear and consequently am very careful buying it.

I bought tights at Costco and paid roughly 18 dollars Canadian which would be 13.77 USDA and received 2 pair. Neither pair made it past one winter.

I have 2 pair of tights from Hind and I’m thinking they are 20 years old and except for the exterior tag saying they are Hind you would never know they were that old. They are simple black tights I used to wear in the spring and fall for training. Incredible quality and durability.

I still have almost all my National team gear from Muzuno. The quality of every item I have or had from this company was unbelievable and it was some of the most beautiful gear I’ve ever owned. Everyone wanted to trade to get the Mizuno gear.

I think UnderArmour is a really good brand but I’ve only bought their sweat tops for my son.

Thank you for that info.

What’s your thoughts on the power webs - I still use them to train in since 2008?

A tad gimmicky but it’s a very good idea.

Hands, feet and the nerves in these areas can have issues due to lack of circulation which then might cause nerve issues or damage.

Ideally, once again we need to deal with circulation systemically. Treating the root cause which might be different for each person. Underlaying heart issues or blood pressure or extreme stress effecting cortisol levels come to mind.

Using a prop such as this power web gives you resistance. Using all of our muscles and nerves including those in our forearms and hands are sometimes forgotten.

I was going to add something with regards to buying gear for our sports.

One of the amazing things I love about Costco is they guarantee what ever they sell. I don’t like to have to return things as it’s time consuming and frustrating and inconvenient. However!!! and it’s a big however, I bought a Blentec Blender as I did not believe Vitamix was x amount better as was the price ( x amount more). I use my blender sometimes multiple times a day. The lid on my blender went and I tried calling the company and got zero back. I took this blender to Costco and after using it for 4 years they fully refunded me for just under 500 bucks. I could not believe it.

I have since bought a vitamix and I can’t say enough good about it. It is without question the best blender I’ve used. It’s not quite double the blendtec but it’s close but it’s amazing.

I DON’T BUY anything any more unless I am very clear on the return policy.

I think we are already seeing a big change in certain business in retail where by they give rock solid guarantees as part of their business model. Or something is so cheap it’s expected not to last. I don’t buy things that will end up in the land fill. Not clothes, not gear and I’m old school except when it comes to things like EMS for recovery. EMS is not exactly new techology but not too many think of it as old school.

Power web and core shorts are the only tights I have found that fit like high end performance tights vs cheap compression tights.

I’m not familiar with this brand.

I thought you were talking about this web product.

Send me a link so I can take a look. Canada does not often have the same products as you do as our population is 10x less.