Total imersion?

Can anyone with experience in swimming explain me pros and cons, and what a hell is all about, with Total Imersion by Terry Laughlin!!! Is this a must read book as Swimming Fastest by Ernest W. Maglischo and Breakthrough Swimming by Cecil Colwin?
I am starting to read this book (Total Imersion) so be quick with your posts and save me from losting my precious time if this is a bu**sh*t, or motivate me to read it if it worth of it… Tnx in advance!


Is total imersion in swimming world something like pose method of running in running world? I am just curious?

I’ve glanced at it, but I can’t remember, Championship Swim Training looks like it’s pretty good.

There is great debate over this. Not sure I can tell you what to think here. Freestyle has changed a lot over the last ten years, and you can see the new arm pull in the top athletes. The “S curve”, which I was taught growing up, is out, and curving your lower arm to gather the water to push it behind you is in. Pick up the book and read it, and look around for a better description of the arm pull than I’m giving you.

Also read “Swimming Faster” which I understand is the Bible for swimmers. It may be in a new edition - “Swimming Even Faster” or somesuch.

Tnx for the tip guys!
I started reading, it is quite readable and interestig so I will continue, but again, with great precaution and critical mind (and open)…