Topical vitamin C for tendinopathy

Hi there!

Has anyone here tried topical vitamin C for tendinopathy? I read some research about the positive effect of Vit C on tendon healing but didn’t notice any effect when taking it orally. I thus decided to try transdermal delivery. I sprayed some water/Epsom salt solution onto the affected area (e.g. achilles tendon) and then rubbed some sodium ascorbate into it followed by a few more sprays to dissolve the Vit C. I noticed a reduction in pain within a few minutes. The effect wasn’t very long lived though, as the pain returned within a few hours of the solution drying. However, when I wrapped cling wrap around it and kept it on overnight the pain was gone the next day and hasn’t returned after 14h. The Epsom salt spray on its own doesn’t have this effect, so I think Vit C is the active ingredient here.

If anyone here as a tendinopathy in any tendon that’s close to the surface of the skin, please give it a try and let me know if it works for you. I’ve had various tendinopathies on and off for about 8 years now and have tried every treatment under the sun. This is the first thing that has ever made a difference except for weeks/months of rehab exercises.

Topical anything strikes me as a band aid solution but it’s cool you have had success with it.

High dose C is well documented and has been for a long time regarding the immune system but I have no clue about best delivery methods except to reiterate again that topical for something as big as tendon issues seems maybe not how I might look at fixing an issue.

Have you wondered or thought why you have so many tendon issues? Any theories?

Where did you get the vit C? was it in liguid form or did you crush pills, powder?