Top Marathons Reject Ambush Marketing

LONDON, Nov 12 (AFP) - The London marathon has joinedBerlin, Boston and Chicago in refusing to sign up to thecontroversial new world marathon series supported by NewYork.
The new scheme involves a ranking system based onresults from 16 major marathons with prize moneytotalling 1.7 million dollars with New York staging thefinal.
But London’s race director David Bedford said theproposal put forward by ING, the company backing the NewYork event, had serious flaws''. We believe any rankings should be managed by theIAAF and AIMS (the governing body for marathons) andhave the support of all Marathons,’’ Bedford said.
The former 10,000m runner added: ``The scheme is anattempt by one company to associate itself withsuccessful marathons with which they have noconnection’’.