top end form technique

Hay I have been working on my top end form through means of techinque work such as marches (a-skip, b-skip, a-run, etc), and then practicing with actual running. Check out my form and let me know what you think.

I can see some problems already; my hands arnt staying at 90 degree angle, and not staying close to my body. My left leg is reaching, but my right is landing under me. I think both feet are clearing the opposite knee, take a look.

Are you trying to “reach out” with your legs when you run?

Get the gpp dvd it cover all phases of running tech.

I’m certainly no expert, but renegade’s question seems on target to me. Your leg motion looks extremely unnatural. You’re reaching really far with both legs at the expense of what your natural turnover would be. You look to be clearing the knees but you don’t need to stretch out like that to do so.
Relax some and try to just let it come.

your legs are pulling instead of pushing.keep your thoughts simple

concentrate on your arms and pull the elbow down

post another clip with this thought only