Too Big

Form follows function.
Now this question is for charlie or any members who may have this problem. I am little on the bulky side and am trying to slim down. I stand at 5’11" and 200lbs. My goal is to get down under 190 lbs. Now some of that will obviosuly come from fat loss. Currently I have abt 11% and have adjusted my diet to help get this down to 8% over time. Now Id also like to loose a little of this muscle, mostly upper body. I was thinking of incorporating SE1 and SE2 into my workouts to help trim down. You dont see to many bulky 400m runners. I was a former triple/long jumper and competed anywhere btw 175 and 200. My bones are old and Id like to carry as little weight as possible if I decide to still compete post grad. Can anyone guide me on how I might do this??