Tony Lester Audio Interview

I was just checking out Steve Backley’s new site On it Steve interviews a few famous british coaches and athletes. I havn’t had a chance to listen to all of them yet but the Tony Lester interview is very interesting. Lots of little insites into how to coach work class athletes.

Also note the 400m training key session 200+100 (come home in under 12s) and 300 twenty min break 300 flat out speed endurance!

I think you may need to register but you don’t need to give your real email address so no worries there!


THe bob wier interview is even more impressive. He describes some of the weights sessions that some of the U.S athletes lift. phenominal!

I agree. Very good interview (Lester). I think it’s worth your time to listen to it. Sounds like a smart guy.

Edit: Just listened to all the interviews. Great stuff and it’s FREE! Highly recommended. There are coaches that talk about triple jump, shot, javelin, sprints, heptath, and high jump.