Toms training

I’ve been going through the forum for about 2 months now, and have finsished my GPP phase of my training. I have 3 definant meets this year :frowning: thats what you get for living in country Australia. My PB’s are: (all FAT) 100m: 11.87, 200m: 23.34, 400m: 57.27. and 800m:2.02 handtimed. I was 15 when i made these times(17 now) I was unable to run last year because of a knee injury and other commitments. I hope to hit about 11.75 100m, 23.00 200m. and a 53.00 400m. I am traing 5 times a week and have no access to a gym. To develop strength i have being doing body weight exercises and ploymetrics. I weight 68 kilos or 150 pounds to you guys. and any advice or critiqining would be welcomed
Yesterday i did
6x 100m sprints as a max v workout. Was a bit sore from previous days workout but lossened up heaps during this run. and this morning did 4x 50 chrunches, 3x 100 situps and 4x max chinups.

pretty soft workout yesterday and today, Yesterday had football training, bit of a tempo workout, and today I did acc work, 12 x 20m starts, with 20 sec recovery and 3 x 12 squats. Haven’t done my abs or chin ups past 2 days because was a bit tired in the mornings, been having a rough week personally.