Tom walsh

meet Tom.



Married ( too bad but I can’t wait to meet her)



Have you met him yet?

Hello Peeps,

How are you all doing?

Who is going to Indianapolis next week? I heard something fun is happening. Who wants to meet me there?

March 1st something else is happening in our amazing city TO Canada. It’s at Front and Simcoe near my home and my work and Lake Ontario. It’s the same location Tom and I will be hosting an event of 20 pre selected, invited peeps. TBA

Also, I heard that the Summer Olympics are happening this year? I can’t remember exactly. It’s been a blur for the past 32 years somewhat. Who might be going to that event. Is it in Japan? I wanted to go with Charlie in 1988 but I was busy going to York and hoping to run track there.

I heard University of Windsor is doing an amazing job with their track program. Likely due to Dennis and now Colin and some of his amazing coaches. Kurt for example. The guy is non stop with his work ethic. Go Motor City Track Club.

York is an awesome place to train and go to school. I went to York and loved it and ran track there. I did not want to leave Dennis Fairall as he was and is an amazing man. Smart and funny and hard working like you can’ imagine.

Anywayzzzzzz, I gots to go now but I’m excited about the next while.

Oh, see you soon with Tom. Berlin and then Prague? Lori and I are going to be there as she and her special man live there.

[b]anatomy gaps March 21st to 22nd Berlin EU 449 or before March 1st EU349 BERLIN ( TM 2020 TOM WALSH)

anatomy gaps April 11 - 12th Prague 2 same price /same deal as Berlin before March 1st[/b]

thanks Ange, very kind of you to mention us. Anyone who might be interested please check out

still places available for our foundation course

What day will you be in Indy?


If you are not feeling the love for this location there are many things we will be able to do to make things more fun than I know it already will be. ( psst, I have a few ideas…)[/b]


Will you be there?

I now have a meeting Saturday.

I had hoped to drive as we have some stuff here in Canada going on with our trains and planes and something about taking other peoples land away and oil. LOL.

When are you going?

I have someone coaching someone who runs tomorrow at 11:30am.

I had planned to go for that but I thought it was Saturday.

I live within driving distance of Indy. However we have our conference meet this weekend so I can’t make it. Next time you are in the midwest let me know.

when is Indy 500?

Do you go to that?