To all long jumpers

Have any of you guys ever had the problem of bending your knees too much or sticking your foot out way infront of you when taking off? Also, have you guys ever had a problem of having a slow take off by having a slow heel to toe motion takeoff? If you guys have had that problem, I would greatly appreciate some advice on how your solved them. Practice of course is the #1 way, but what was included the practices?

i think if work on cueing the fact that in long jump you are really “running” off the board not jumping into the air…this will prevent u from bending ur knees so much…maybe this is a technical issue in your running technique too

Running is pretty good, except for the last 3 strides, I start to reach, and panic I guess. Guess its a manner of putting it all together in practice. My coach basically said the same thing, to run off the board. I’ll see what happens tomorrow and report back. Would appreciate more opinion/hints/tips

reaching is caused from lack of runway practice…im a decent jumper but i always told myself i didnt need to practice runway approaches because i should be more focused on the speed and the jumping part so i did sprints and plyos…no approaches (maybe 2 or 3 once a week)

what im going to do this whole week is over stress my approach…just pound it in so that i can do it with my friggin eyes closed…cuz i have my first meet on saturday next weekend

one thing to make sure is that u are dipping down on your second to last stride and dont start preparing for takeoff to far out (i mean dont think about jumping 6 strides out) the most important thing is to be natural and what happens happens…

getting a consistent approach is huge…

theres no secret exercise i can give u …or else id be doing it too…

i guess u could practice from shorter distnces in practice so u get used to the pattern of the jump

like try from 6,8,10 strides out and do pop ups…that would work good