Tims new coach

does anyone know who he is and if not who do we think the man/woman is

are we talking tim montgomery or tim lane? :o but seriously i have no idea

Tim lane is coaching Tim Montgomery ?

I heard that too!

He needs to call the Babbitteer. He taught me all I knows.

ok, I guess I gotta get this off of my chest…lol

Why doesnt Tim announce to the public…“My new coach is Charlie Francis” and I will be working with him until I retire."

I know people are gonna say whatever the hell they wanna say, so let them…for all of the nay-sayers, I say f**K 'em and feed 'em fish.

Lets look at a couple of worse case scenarios…

  1. Nike decides not to renew his contract. Didnt he just sign this one he has now…and does anyone think there is a clause about who he can have as a coach. I am pretty sure a shoe company out there (adidas, puma, reebok) would sign the world record holder to a shoe contract and I am sure other endorsements can come about here and there to sustain him and the family.

2.Golden League and meets overseas…do you really think these organizers are gonna say…"no, we dont want the wr holder/fastest man to run here?

You cant stop him from competiting in the USA national champs and if he makes top 3, he goes to the OG’s, WC’s and so on…there is some money there…

If I had the money, I would hire CF, who wouldnt? am I the only one feeling like this?

Maybe we need a vent moderator…lol

I acknowledge the two situations are very different - (and maybe it’s not a fair comparison) - but is it not a little unusual that Denise Lewis can decide who she wants and Tim can’t?

I can’t help but agree -
the same thing is goin down over here in the UK with all this fuss regarding Denise Lewis getting assistance from an ex GDR throwing coach - with the IOC using terms like ‘Public Perception’ regarding the sport .
But it seems to me that if Charlie had committed homocide back in '88 he’d be due for release ( if he’d behaved himself of course lol ) and would have been seen to have served a sentence / paid a debt etc instead of still being vilified for past events .

A lot of us (me at least) fantasize about being the world’s fastest man. If we were in Tim’s situation, we dream about putting our foot down and naming Charlie as our coach. In Tim’s case, sponsorship means a great deal. Nike’s money is not to be sneezed at. Nike has enough of a black eye in the public perception department with the ongoing allegations of sweat shop abuse. They do not want controversial athletes, yet they want the best.
If Charlie were from Russia, Romania, or Germany, would he be accepted by now?

The Fault’s not with Tim or Marion it’s with the hypocracy of the cover up establishment .

They had a chance to wipe the slate clean and start again in '88 - but prefferred to sweep the problem under the carpet and find a scapegoat .