how exactly does the timing(of course FAT) work?

Background is this:
In training i use a training-unit with wireless radio link. My PB is 1,58 with a contact plate. The time starts after leaving it.
With the same unit i can perform out of the blocks and connect it to a microphone, so that sb can say: “Set and clap hands”, i.e.
There i just reach 2,20 - a difference of 6/10sec.

At official comps i reach about 1,95-2,05 - “just” a difference of 4/10sec.

How could this be. I mean the time is running when the gun go off or the hands clap, i thought… :confused:
I expected the training unit time faster bc maybe the bang must be translated over the mic…

So, does the time start shortly AFTER the gun or what?
So, when is the time really starting at Comps? When the starter triggers? When the gun already went off?

I was interested in this since some time and now it would be very interesting, bc i could compare better.

By the way: thats the unit.
its pretty cool for training timing:

Here are the 4 possible starting options:

Starting Options:
Option 1 Touch and Release - In this mode the time does not start until the athlete releases from the pad.

Option 2 Ready! Set! Go! - In this mode the unit will send out beeps in random intervals. One for “ready”, one for “set”, and one for “go”. On the go beep the clock starts and records the race time and the responce time of the athlete.

Option 3 Hit - In this mode the time starts when the pad is touched.

Option 4 Microphone - In this mode the included microphone is used and the time starts when a sudden loud noise is detected. This mode is intended for use with a starting gun.
but has a difference of 2/10 between Comp and training :confused:

In a meet (wired FAT) the timing is started when the trigger on the gun is pulled (before the sound).

If you want FAT accurate time on your unit, just use the ready-set-go option. As long as you don’t trip the finish sensor with your hand, it should be “meet accurate”.

i thought so, too.

I havent tried the 3rd option.
But its the same like the 4th(you just need a partner who triggers a gun), or?
If the 4th isnt accurate, i think the 3rd wont be accurate too. But i will try it.

Has anybody the same unit and similar experiences???

No. I have the unit.

If you use option 4 (clap or gun starts the unit), your time will be faster than meet conditions. The timer will not start until it hears the clap/gun so you will effectively “get a jump on the timer”.

If you use option 3 (ready-set-go), your time will be the same as meet conditions. The timer will start before you actually hear the beep.

How does option the ready set go start. I have never got it to work, once i let it beep twice, thats it nothing happens.

On the mic functions, i would have to disagree with you because i think the device hears the clap before any one does so its not different with meet conditions

Where do you setup the touch pad? Once you or someone else taps the pad, this option should work - giving you two additional beeps for set and go.

We’ve experienced a difference between the mic option and Lynx, for example, as roughly .03. the latter senses hammer-cartridge contact, as opposed to sound. Flash detect systems are .01 from Lynx.

The RSG option is closer to Lynx with regard to starting device sensitivity.

Thanks i miss that part but i think i got it now.


the 4th should be equal or a even a bit faster.
But i m definetly 0.2-0.3 slower in camparison to comp.

So, whats the matter???

My ideas:

  1. a techniquel fault
  2. a (much) better reaction at comp bc of adrenalin and so on(but think that wont make 2/10sec)

What can i do?

another question:

If i wanna do blocks in training without reaction time. What qould be the best way?
I thought about program 1 and put the plate at the rear foot(counts when rear leaves blocks) or program 3 at the same postition.
Or maybe program 1 under one of the hands in bock position. What do you think would be accurate for a block start without the variable RT?