Times for a Full Scholarship

What are the good times for the 100 and the 200m to get a full scholarship in a D1 university in the states??

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To get into a D1 program I would safely say that you have to run around 10.5 electronic at least…for the smaller D1 schools like the mid-american conference school I would say 10.6-10.7

but why try for that when you can get a scholarship at some NAIA D2-3 schools by simply running 11.24 FAT?

It’s very different because there are so many schools and there’s not really a standard. Rule of thumb is if you run the 100 in high school you will run the 200 in college unless you are a genetic freak. Most athletes will move up in distance ( from the 200 to the 400, etc.) so it’s mostly based on what a coach sees in your race (strengths, weaknesses, etc.)

What about as far as hurdles go? I know its a bigger jump because you have to adjust to the new hurdle heights, but would a 14.7 electronic in the 110HH be enough to get a scholarship to a D1 program?

Well I’m talking about universities like UCLA.Does any one know what was the time of ato boldon when he got that scholarship from them??

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you got to be running around low 10’s if you want to go to UCLA…like 10.4’s and lower electronic

Mister C,
14.7 would probably cut it in the 110 hurdles for schools such as MACschools, Conference USA schools and the like. If you would like to get bigger schools attention I would probably say low 14’s such as 14.4 and lower

Who is the coach of UCLA?

Is it John Smith?

The head coach is Art Venegas and the sprints coach is Tony Veney

Depends on the state. In Washington only one person broke 11 last year.