times are no going down

What would you do with an athlete that is making progress in the weight room in all their lift. their fitness has gotten better but there times on the track have not gotten any better. They all have been in a .1-.2 of each other.

0-30m has gotten better by .08
150m has gotten better by .2-.4

The day of the meet the time are not there… do you think it could be more of a mentle thing?

.2 to .4 seems like a good improvement to me, many athletes struggle for years to get that. Perhaps you could cut back the weights a bit and focus more on the running for awhile.

The improvements made are very good. The athlete is running very close to the best time that they ran when they unloaded despite the fact that they are doing MORE work. That is why the reps have recently been dropped, intensity has gone up, and the tempo has slightly decreased. The work in the weight room has been done after the track session so I do not believe that that is the culprit. In fact, the athlete is running faster if he is able to PR in the weight room after the intense track session. It sounds like it is some what mental and that maybe the athlete should run at a smaller meet where the competition is not so good. This will allow the athlete to run their own race.