Time taken to recover

Does anyone else experience this…

I complete a really good session, feeling really good, then the next speed workout I feel lethargic and tired, even after a recuperation tempo session. This can continue for a maybe a week and then I will have another great session!

Is this showing that maybe I take a long time to recover? Or is it more variable, i.e. maybe what I have done during the day or how much sleep I had the night before etc.? :confused:

From the little information you’ve provided, I understand you are doing three high intensity days per week. This seems to be too much for you and perhaps reducing these sessions to two would allow you to have a more consistent schedule in the long run.

Hope it helps!

PS of course, all other factors, as you say, are important, too!

Ok, thanks for the help, will do as you suggested :slight_smile: