time issues

ok, how do you manage your time?

i mean, my high intencity days are like 4 hours long!

i mean, i warm up for aprox 35-40 mins (which for me is not that much, i tend to react better to longer and more graduall warm ups but what the hell) and then doing say 3x4x20m + 2xfast/slow/fast and 2xslow/fast/slow then something like 30 foot contacts worth of plyos.

i mean with 2 mins/5 recovery thats almost an hours woth of work out

then the weight room which i do say power cleans, squats, bench (2 warm up, 3 work sets) and pull ups, millitary press, romanian DL (3x10) AND the hyper complex AND 500 abs thats like another 2 hours totaling almost 4 hours of training including any random delays as in i got a bit distracted and recovers 3 instead of two mins etc.

i mean, with all that i have no time to read, eat, have something resembling a life-make no mistake i have NO life, but hell i gotta see my girlfriend once in a blue moon!

so? is that about right or am i doing something wrong?

(oh oh, and i do no med ball’s! imagine to add that too!)

i mean, i start training at 5 and end up returning home past 9!

I know it may not be the best thing, but maybe you could try an am/pm split.

You could try lowering the volume of your weight sessions. I’d try to keep the weights within an hour.

You could do that AND the am/pm split. ~2hours track in the am. 1 hour weights later in the day.

Yes, this is a problem. If you want the absolute best results I don’t think there is an answer.

So the questions you need to ask yourself are “how good am I?”, “Is this rest time really necessary to help me achieve my goals or can I take less rest and still get satisfactory results?”, “Do I need this much volume at the level I am at?” etc…

Personally, since I just train for fun, I read reports in the rest breaks between runs or make phone calls!

In the weight room I have split up all my sessions so that I do only the really high intensity lifts on Hi days. I also superset exercises for no other reason than it saves me time. For example Bench (1.5min rest) Squats (1.5min) and alternate. I set up the next exercise during rest breaks and get the whole sessions done in 40min. I have seen only a very small negative impact in this approach. I then do lower intensity stuff on tempo days in between the runs themselves or at the end of the session.

i see, thanx for the tips fellas:p ill try some of 'em!

how much is 500 reps of abs really needed?

how much is 500 reps of abs really needed?
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thats actually not that long:p its actually 5-8 minutes:p

Its not the exercises that take the time. It is the waiting around while your body recovers! In some speed sessions my athletes do on average 56s of running and 49min of resting!

training can take quite a few hours to complete at times and other things might have to be left behind; this is a choice you’ve made and IMO you should not regret it, especially with the progress you’ve had lately!

However, I would first take maximum advantage of the minimum amount of training possible and then advance training by adding perhaps elements, but most importantly by focusing more on quality!

I doubt you can maintain the latter for ~4 hours…

Focus on essenctials especially as season progresses.

Good luck!