Time Difference Between Spikes and Runners

Does anyone have experience or knowledge of the time difference between running 100m, 200m, 400m in sprint spikes vs. a regular jogging shoe.

Obviously it will vary both between various athletes and the level of performance.

I’m mostly interested in 11-12s 100m and 23-24s 200m type of runners (I coach high school track), but will happily accept any info.


The longer the distance the greater the difference. Usually .3 for 60 & .5 for 100m, but its not a exact reference.

Depends on the type of runner you are as well I think.

I run 100 in 10.8x in spikes but would struggle to break 11.6x in joggers. I know guys who run 11.4 and would run 11.8x in joggers.

sneakers just really mess up your top speed imo.