Tim Montgomery 9.78


I forgot that there was one false start before the race got underway. Makes Tim’s start even more awesome (0.104RT)

Tim’s arms sweep up on this start and his first 30m are undoubtedly the best he ever produced (along with his 9.84 in Oslo from 2001)


I cannot believe that reaction time after a false start :eek:

but this run, having its impresiveness, doesnt compete with asafa’s 9.78 with 0m/s

True, but I remember picking my jaw up off the floor when I realised that (1) the time was 9.78 and (2) it was wind-legal at +2.0

For me anyway, that performance was totally unexpected. Which isn’t to say that it wasn’t possible though considering his 2001 & 2002 years. In '01 Tim was in mad form. US Champ, 9.84 in Oslo, was running within 1-metre of Mo all season until the Worlds, easy 9.92 in those famous Quarter-finals, 9.85 behind Mo in the final, then won in Zurich with 9.90 after the Worlds.

Then in 2002, good early season races + sub10s, 9.94 in Rome behind Mo (9.89), 2nd in US Champs (9.89w) after a poor start and closing down on Mo (9.88w) very quickly, 9.93 & 9.98 in the same day in Zurich (9.93 in the heat ahead of Dwain Chambers (9.94 PR) & Kim Collins (yet another 9.98) the 9.98 in the final was into -1.3 headwind !) 9.91 in Brussels

In the vid (around 3.5 mins) it says that no one was credited with a false start.

I thought Drummond was given a false start? Thanks for that though. So it was a faulty start then

Good find…i had the much shortened and poor quality video.

Charlie from working with Tim could you see this on the cards before Paris? What amazed you the most about Tim? (from a technical standpoint)

I was expecting a record from May 2001 and expected it to happen in Edmonton but it wasn’t to be.

Could you name indicators that made you expect a WR - Time as soon as May ?

Do you refer more to technical changes or simply to competiton splits ?

I don’t know if a tape exists but you might look at his race at Modesto in May 2001 and check the start (9.95 after shutting down at 50m and cruising in). Imagine that with the finish from Oslo or Edmonton.