Tights on Ice

Haha, Ian is doing great. Looks like I’m going to need to start sleeping again if I want to keep up with him. :stuck_out_tongue:

October 27nd, 2009
Upper Body Focus

I’ve finally been able to get some sleep recently. I’m still way in debt, but I’m working on it.

Warm Up:
Some push ups and chin ups

Some ab coordination work

Chin Up Dropset
(6 @ 90 lbs) + (8 @ 45 lbs) + (6 @ BW), rested only long enough to strip plates

EZ Curls (pretty d**n strict)
2 x (6, 4 reps) @ 105 lbs, ? sec. rest

Handstand Push Ups on Cinder Blocks
A couple singles and a few negatives

Cool Down:
Some more ab coordination work

Shoulder prehab

Today’s session went well. The chin up dropset was Hell, but I’m proud of how I did. I could have had 90 lbs x 7 reps, but I didn’t want to wreck the rest of the set. Immediately afterwards, the curls were surprising. If my arms weren’t completely dead, sets of 10-12 wouldn’t have been out of the question.

The handstand push ups were tough. I’d like to get better at these though.

Nice page, Rog. Pretty straightforward. Glad to see you back on the CF.

A GB bobsledder trains with Dave Lease at my training centre. They use a little buggy with 4 wheels, to push.

NS, thanks. And yeah, things are staying straight forward for a while.

Cheetah, thanks for that piece of info. I could probably study the real sleds they use and rig something up.

Seeing as your weakest test is going to be your sprints and it is also the one given the highest weight/importance in the selection process once you hit a certain bodyweight, you probably want to work on that a bit soon.

October 29th, 2009
Lower Body Focus

My quads are still sore and my glutes are a little fatigued. I should wait until tomorrow to lift, but I don’t have the time tomorrow. I feel good though.

Warm Up:
Some RW Drills

Some activation drills (mostly non-tripods)

Some plyos

Conventional Deadlifts
Worked up to 455 x 1, missed 505 twice, rest varied

Power Cleans
Worked up to 245 x 1 (eeeeaasy), rest varied

Back Squats (close stance, rock bottom)
1 x 10 reps @ 275 lbs, rest varied
2 x 5 reps @ 275 lbs, rest varied

Plank Progression
7 sets @ BW

Cool Down:
Some more activation drills

Mild plyos

Well, today didn’t go too badly. I haven’t deadlifted (besides RDLs) in over a year, so 455 was nice. I even managed to budge 505 about 2" off the ground on my second attempt at it, but it didn’t want to come up.

After that, my back was tired, but I wasn’t done screwing around yet. I don’t do power cleans either, but I managed to catch 245 while standing up straight. I had a lot left in me, but my crappy bent bar makes it almost impossible to whip my elbows through. Not only that, but I lift on concrete with iron plates, so lowering it is a pain in the ass too.

And finally, the squats went well. I was pretty tired at that point, but all of the sets were nice, smooth, and very deep.

Things are going well.

You are about to prove FOG wrong, I smell 305!! :wink:

Haha, I don’t know about that. But with how easy the 245 was (especially compared with the 225), I should have 275 in me right now.

And to Fogelson, I’ve been going back over all my old sprinting videos and besides just flat out sucking at it, I’ve found one thing really wrong with my sprinting. My abs are doing practically nothing out there. My pelvis is anteriorly rotated, my arms and head are a little wild, I’m just not running right.

After a lot of testing, my abs aren’t nearly as strong (relatively) as the rest of my body, and I don’t think they ever have been. This would explain my much better bounding and jumping numbers (where ab strength and function don’t play nearly as large of a role). To fix it, I’m going to start doing plank progressions after EVERY session from now on. It should have me fixed up in no time.

Don’t worry though, I’ll be doing plenty of sprinting too.

245 after deadlifting 455 you got 275 with ease.

Got 3 more weeks to get 285 and prove me wrong. lol Good luck.

Even if you have weak abs, I don’t see how not sprinting is going to get you to where you want to be. You said your goal is to max out the tests and the sprints will be the hardest to max out, so…

What is plank progressions?

I really don’t care to prove you wrong. Working on power cleans would just slow my progress right now. I’ll build plenty of pulling power just lifting otherwise. After that, it’ll just be a matter of getting the technique down.

And I agree on the sprints, but I want to squat 2.25x BW before I go back to sprint work. It’ll be a month or so until I can do that. After that, I will start sprinting again.

RB34, the plank progression is in my book. It involves doing the following:
Plank w/ right hand up
Plank w/ left hand up
Plank w/ right leg up
Plank w/ left leg up
Plank w/ right leg and left arm up
Plank w/ left leg and right arm up

The goal is to eventually do the whole thing for 60 seconds per exercise with 60-90 seconds rest between exercises. I can’t do the whole thing, but I’d like to be able to soon. After that, I’ll be moving to roll outs.

I’d switch deadlifts and power cleans. First power clean, then deadlift, for a number of reasons.

All he has to do is visualize. Remember the stories of people in POW camps visualizing golf for years them getting out and shooting 68?

This isn’t a workout I intend to repeat. I just wanted to see what I could do on the DL, and then decided I’d like to power clean as well. Either way, I don’t think I’ll be doing much of either exercise again. I’ll just be sticking to squats and RDLs.

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RJ’s book was a great read. I really wish I would have had this book when I first took the interest in sports training.

Thanks Kyle. I thought it was pretty good, but then again, I’m selling the thing. :wink:

October 31st, 2009
Upper Body Focus

My spinal erectors are still sore. Not much of a surprise. I feel great otherwise though.

Warm Up:
Some push ups and chin ups

Some ab coordination work

Chin Ups
1 x 6 @ 90 lbs, ? sec. rest
1 x 8 @ 45 lbs, ? sec. rest
1 x (7 wide grip pull ups + 7 pull ups + 7 chin ups) ? sec. rest

Military Press (to clavicles)
3 x (8, 7, 5) @ 135 lbs, ? sec. rest

Plank Progression
7 @ BW

Cool Down:
Some more ab coordination work

Shoulder prehab

Well, no easily noticeable progress on the chin ups, but that’s because I haven’t talked about my BW yet. I weighed in before the session @ 214 lbs, this is 9 lbs higher than last session. Not only have I been eating a little too much, but I was fully dressed during this session. Either way, that brings the total weight lifted to 304 x 6 on the chins, this is 9 lbs better than my previous PR. I’m counting it.

After that, the military presses were smooth, but my sore lower back got in the way. I should have 10 in me without any further practice. I’d really like to press 225 before too long.