Tights on Ice

Well, I decided I’d start my log back up, but I’m not training for sprinting anymore, I’m training for bobsled. With my shorter tendons, thicker skeletal system, and high bodyweight, bobsled is a much better fit for me than sprinting ever was.

Okay, let’s get some stats down:
Age: 21
Height: 6’1"
Weight: 205 lbs
BF: fairly lean

As for lifting and jumping PRs, I’ve run the 100M in 11.66 FAT :stuck_out_tongue: , I’ve broad jumped 3.1M, vertical leaped 33", bench pressed 305, and just yesterday I full squatted 315 x 9 with a close stance.

My goals over the next few months are to get my squat up over 2.25x BW, get my close grip bench press over 300s, and just build some muscle. After that, I’m going to go back to short sprint training and will hopefully be able to max out the US bobsled combine charts this summer.

Oh, and my website just opened up.

Check out the articles (more are coming quickly), and at least look at the book. I promise, it’s good.

Here’s my entry from yesterday’s session:

October 20th, 2009
Lower Body Focus

Over the past three nights I’ve gotten eleven hours of total sleep. I made an entire website yesterday and today I’ve written two full length reports and spent all day at school. I’m a little tired, but I feel good.

Warm Up:
Some RW Drills

Some plyos

Back Squats (close stance)
1 set x 9 reps @ 315 lbs (+3 reps), ? sec. rest
2 sets x 8 reps @ 225 lbs, ? sec. rest

Well, I was going for 315 x 12 (to beat CCJ), but it wasn’t in the cards. 315 x 9 was maximal. I’d like to think I could’ve done better if I wasn’t so worn out, but there’s no way of knowing. Either way, 315 x 9 is big PR.

As of today I’ve lifted more with a close stance and no belt than I had ever lifted with a wider stance, a belt, and/or a box. This is good news.

My glutes are absolutely toast and I can still barely stand up. I hope I can get some sleep tonight.

Nice job, good to see your webpage up. Good luck on the new bobsled goal. And even better to see you squatting again :cool:

Good luck with the bobsled. A few of my sprint friends have been jetting out to ice-camps also.

Cortese, thanks on both accounts. I’m glad I’m back to the squat. It’s not necessary, but it’s so damn convenient.

Cheetah, thank you as well. And bobsled just seems like the natural place to go if you don’t have the SE (and some of the top speed) for the sprints.

You’re gonna need to get cha cake up on the sprint tests. Are you allowed to run in a wind tunnel? :slight_smile:

As I’ve said before, I think this is a great move for you. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’re on the roster within the next year. I think that your skills really line up well with the demands of the sport and now you can eat all of the extra value meals you please on your way to 220!

With regard to your book, I highly recommend that people pick it up. You’ll save yourself about 3-4 books by reading Roger’s, very well done in my opinion.

Also for your reference, the strength testing grid tops off at 440 for 3 reps with the hip crease below parallel. I imagine you should have that in your pocket with another 30-40 lbs. on your squat.

Thanks Tom. Now everyone else, read and listen to this very wise man’s words. :wink:

Mort, you have a point. :stuck_out_tongue:

I think that most of those guys are probably 10.6-11.0 100m men with great acceleration, not all that different than RJ. For reference, I went to school with a guy who ran 6.39 with their timing method but ran a 11 flat 100 meter last year. I think you could simulate bobsled time by starting the watch upon first foot contact rather than first movement.

He’s going to have to get his clean up a lot AND get a lot of push work in before he’ll make the roster. Depends on how we define “make the roster” I guess. A friend of mine is on the USA bobsled team and it is going to take a shitload more than just a decent squat and 30m to make it, esp. when he isn’t going to get one of the top 30m times.

Oh yeah, good luck, RJ! It definitely is probably more suited to you than pure sprinting. Might want to try building or constructing a sled like the push sled because one of the main selection factors on which sled you’re going to get into is your push time.

October 22nd, 2009
Upper Body Focus

Ugh. Going on 20 hours of sleep for the past 5 nights combined. I feel great though. Enthusiasm is high.

Warm Up:
Some push ups and chin ups

Some ab coordination work

A1) Push Ups w/Extra ROM (hands on cinder blocks, feet on a step)
3 sets x (8, 8, 5) reps @ BW+75 lbs, rest varied

A2) Different Types of Chin Ups, Pull Ups, and Whatever
3 sets x Failure @ (90 lbs for one set, 45 lbs for two), rest varied

Cool Down:
Some more ab coordination work

Shoulder prehab

Not too bad today. I added weight on the push ups (I weighed myself at the bottom of a rep and got 235 lbs), and my chin ups went well. 90 x 6 is a new PR. 7 might have been in the cards, but I didn’t push it. I’ll get it soon.

Here’s a video of my top set of chins.

Fogelson,thanks buddy. I may have to construct a sled. Shouldn’t be too hard. And I wouldn’t worry too much about the clean. I cleaned 225 lbs to reset the bar after I failed on my last squat session (the 10th rep with 315) and even though I was tired, the bar moved like it was unloaded. I don’t think 285 or so would be too hard with a couple of weeks practice at the form. Maybe I’ll do cleans next session. Kind of hard without bumpers though.

Try 285 and tell me if you think the same. Put some mats or something on the ground and just take a step or two forward once you’ve cleaned 285 and drop it onto those. Or even just rack it. If you’re only doing 1 rep, it shouldn’t be an issue. 225 is a looooooot different than 285. This is coming from someone who does reps @ 275.

Oh, I know it’s a lot different, but I could barely stand upright and I still nearly busted my teeth with the bar. I couldn’t do 285 now, but within a couple weeks, I don’t think it would be outrageous.

I agree, I could drop all ol’s for 6-8 months and hit 275-295 within 2-3 weeks of training.

You’ve also cleaned >300lbs. RJ hasn’t cleaned 255lbs IIRC. There will be plenty of people at testing (if the top people are there) that can clean 150kg, albeit a full clean or nearly so.

Doooooooo it.

AnyOne have an indepth review of the book? Or are you providing a preview RJ?

You don’t think if he got his squat up to 400-500lbs he wouldn’t be able to power clean 275 in 4 weeks?