tightening up in the 100

Hey guys!

Im running in the low 12.0s right now for the 35yo div. I want to get under 12. My problem is that I tighten up in the last 30m I dont have any knee lift. And my legs kinda freeze up. I dont feel tired or any lactic build up.

Any Ideas?

I will try to tape and maybe post it.

Maybe, you are over-pushing. Try focusing on the arms (shoulders down, pendulum action,) the last half of the run.

How has your speed endurance been so far?

If it’s a short-to-long programme, it might come via racing. How many 100s have you raced till now?

Or perhaps, what kind of training are you doing the days before? Any heavy weights? Even if it’s upper body mainly, it might affect your arm action/technique towards the end…

I would be more concerned of the overall track work though.

I think you may have something there. Come to think of it the day I felt that was on a 4x1 trying to catch someone with a 15m lead that runs the same time I do. I guess I may have been running tense…

I guess I forgot to focus and relax…

I figured out my problem area. Its right after I hit the 75m mark. Def. special end. My form goes to crap and I start to overstide and run like a fool :slight_smile: I have another meet the weekend and I know I cant fix the problem by then but, I am going to load up on creatine this week and see how that works.

In the mean time, I am going to increase my SpE runs out to 90m until I get over the 12.0 sec hump.

Same sheat…4 me. :eek:
Today, i figured out that relaxation thing is the only way to get down the 12.0s. :rolleyes:
Today, i went to track full of confidence, thinking that i´ll beat my PB for the 80s :cool: but…
–My PB for this distance is 9.71s ( sep/04 )–
Today i did; 10.57s at first shot ( damn ) :confused:
4 to 5 minutes rest and another 80s: 10.53s ( damn again )
and another, 10.87s…11.0…11.04…and 10.85, damn, damn, damn, damn !!! :mad:
It made me crazy !!!
So, what tha fuc…was happened ???
I´m stronger ( weight are higher than last year ), better conditioned, trains are doing well, i´m doing tempo regularly ( last year i was doing tempo not so frequently ), so, i´m in better shape than last year, plus, i took creatine today, damn !!
I´m running the 100 around 12.0s, but all the way 100% tense.
So, after this :frowning: , i´m thinking in spend some days, weeks and maybe months if necessary just working on relaxation, no clock, no stride stile, no competition, no Greene or Powell on head mind no more, no matter conditions ( today was 10º Celsius ), i´ll do just some short to medium shots working relaxation.
Arms, legs, feet, breathe, etc, etc, etc.
I´m thinking stop weights too, just to see how this will work. :rolleyes:

Have you used creatine in the past?

Interesting variable to add during the competitive season.

I have actually. I saw good improvements in the wieght room. So so results on the track. But I have not used it in a year. I just can’t figure out that last 30m. The other day I ran a 2x70m 80m 90m. In the 70 i ran mid 8 sec. for the 80… a damn 11.1 then in the 90 a friggin 12.9. I was so pissed. It might have been fatiuge too (not enough rest the Wifey was pestering me to hurry up).

TG, do you think its not a good idea to load up on creatine so late in the season? It’s my second meet of the season and the big one is on July 29. I can’t think of any drawbacks to adding it in right now.

I am not sure about you. But for me its def Sp. Endurance. I have been good up until 75m then I fall apart. Stick to the 80’s for now. I am going to increasce my sp. end up to 90m once my 80m times improve.

I´m not sure my problem is SE, but i think it´s not, because, my last 20m are covered in about 2.2s which is very fast considering i´m a 12.0s guy, neither for start of first 30m.
I believe that my problem is more technical than physical conditions, so, the problem is all the hundred.
I don´t know, maybe my foot is not landing correctly ( what is the right way ? tense ? relaxed ? toes up ? toutching with the ball of the feet…etc, etc, but it´s a natural action or i should think on this each step ? ), i guess i´m losing lot of energy here.
That´s why i´m gonna restart, doing lots of relaxed runs and some good exercises working on foot land stile too ( any advice ? ).

Try to increase the 4-5 mins rest on these runs, try 8-10 mins. This will allow for more quality during your training, this may help you reduce your 100m time.

You are trying too hard and worrying too much about the clock, as the great man himself likes to say, you must learn to “wait for it”.

How is your flexibility, particularly your quads?

OK not to be an ass but…

2.2 for the last 20M? What the hell are you doing for the first 60m? high 8sec? Maybe you need to work on your accelerations? If you have and isorobic use it. Maybe that will get you to bust thru this plateau… It sounds like you are trying to power your way thru for the first 60m.

Ok John, i know that longer rests will probabily reduce my times, but the question is that even on my 1st shot i went almost 1 second slower than my PB (9.71 to 10.57).
Maybe it´s because this was my first “speed” work this year. ( Yes, i started a litle later this year because of a ankle sprain ). But the “wait for it” will be in my plans while doing the Relaxation thing. Actualy, today i did an Intensive Tempo session, 2x6x110m, and guess what ? Those runs where i felt very relaxed ( like watching TV ) times went goooood.
But i don´t know, the feeling of a relaxed run in a 15.5s for the 110m is a lot different from a relaxed 100m sprint.

Yes, i agree, 2.2s for the last 20m sounds very hard for guys like us ( 12.0s - 100m ) but it´s true, i can maintain speed after 80m but the problem is from 0 to 60/80.
I guess my max v is not so high and worst yet, i believe this max v is very short in race, i mean, i can maintain this high speed for more than 10m, actualy, i don´t feel any max v moment during a 80m or 100m race.
My runs are all the way a “thinking” moment, i´m always thinking something, always trying to correct some wrong things that i´m thinking doing.

If the creatine doesn’t add extra bodyweight and If it doesn’t have any effect on muscle tone (possible tightness) and If it does not effect your fluid balance then it would be ok. A bunch of IF’s I would not want to have answered during the competitive season.

Great points by Tom, even if those effects can be very related to the dosage. One more IF is:
if it’s pure enough so that doesn’t have toxins that suck your energy right away; but you would have felt that.

On the other hand, videos and 10m splits will help a lot to solve your problems guys.

What is your 200m time? With your speed maintainence capabilities, you may be relatively better at the 2.

Good points TG. I have not taken the creatine yet. Alas, it wont matter since I pulled my right ham lastnight. Sooooo damn pissed. I was doing 40s out of the blocks in about 5.4-5. I decided to do one long sprint of 110m. I felt great then with 10m to go BOOM. I hopped the last 10m and finished in 14. Oh well tough tities… I will try EMS cycling and lifting for now maybe I will heal up before the Empire State Games in NY this july…

For those that have the 2002 Forum Review e-book-

Charlie gives and excellent explanation of the possible benefits of creatine and things to watch out for in Strength & Conditioning (section).