The last six months, I’ve been working on building my thyroid level up to ideal levels.

It used to feel hard n very sore, swollen

I started on Lugoils iodine, patch testing

For weeks, typical patch lasted only 2hrs. It’s supposed to last close to a full day.

After a short time, my hayfever / allergy levels basically disappeared, I used to constantly suffer from sneezing n itchy eyes, sore throat, running nose etc. This perhaps mostly cleared up within 2weeks.

The main goal, was to enjoy summer once again, it’s been a solid ten yrs since I last liked summer.

Using seaweed was great, and improved my patch levels faster.

Harder and hotter sessions made lower levels, way lower.
I’ve just purchased some kelp tablets that have nice levels of iodine. I’ll patch test once week to keep an eye on levels, you don’t want too much. But, summer time here, I’m sure I’ll sweat excess out in no time.

Now, thyroid levels typically last over 12hrs
No swelling / pain and they are nice n soft