A few questions for any high level throwers or throws coaches out there.

  1. Mirror training-
    What, if any, type of mirror training is peformed by shot and discus throwers?

  2. Assessing throwing potential-
    Is there one test, drill, exercise in particular (other than throwing) which may be used to assess a young athletes throwing potential?

Im not sure if there is one test to see throwing potential in athletes. I think many throwers have the same characteristics of sprinters that charlie talks about in his books. The only difference, they happen to be a little bigger and stronger. Many of the throwers that i got to work with were very strong, had pretty good short sprint speed and explosive ablity. One hammer thrower i worked with was jumping onto a 48 box with ease and some of the sprinters couldnt do that.

Also much of my own training as well as my athletes training has been influenced from training for the throws.

Frit, do you ever have any of your shot/discus throwers perform any extra unilateral work, or throws, for their non-throwing arm?

Somtimes but not in the throwing circle. We would do seated throws or puts working one arm at a time using a heavy med ball. really concentrating on rotation of the torso and firing the arm out. A good drill for the upper body, becuase you take the legs right our of it.


Thanks for the insight. I am just beginning to work with throwers so I am trying to soak up as much information as possible. Do you have any links or references to articles/research done by Bondarchuk. Of all the searches I have performed I have not been able to come up with much, other than the contributions he made to the Soviet sports Review.

check out these two sites. Its a bunch of old forum posts from a guy named Dave Castor, he trained at westide a few times and trains his daughter in the throws, he has some good ideas about conjugate training for throwers, there is a wealth of info there. You will also see posts from Jud Logan(usa hammer thrower) John Smith(ohio state throws coach) and a few other smart guys. Also check out the long and strong throwers page. And if you have any other questions let me know. I have a close connection with a top level throws coach and he helps me all the time.

as far as Bondarchuk, i have to do some searching, i think i have some stuff by somehwere. anyways hope that helps


Frit17, thanks very much. I’ll keep in touch, as I know that I will want to bounce many training ideas off of you. I appreciate all of your assistance.


reverse scoop toss with shot & standing long jump