thoughts on whey and total protein

i recieved this nutritional program in a PM with a request to give some feedback ( i wont mention who just in case he/she wants to remain on the DL):

fiber-one cereal w/ 1% milk

  • BSL whey supremacy protein shake
    *1G vitamin C
    *1G MSM
    *NOW True Balance Multi Vitamin
    *Kelp vitamin
    *NOW Vitaberry (high ORAC supp)

granola bar (130 cal) OR banana OR green apple

subway 6" chicken sub OR fast food chicken sandwich & fruit
diet soda OR light lemonade

granola bar (130 cal) OR banana OR green apple

5pm- pre workout
8oz salmon (250 cal)
veggies & fruit (150 cal)
quaker oats (200cal)
*BSL Kreataine Ultra (1/2 serving)
*BioTest spike (1cap)

8pm- post workout
*30g BSL Whey Supremacy
*40g dextrose
*2G glutamine
*BSL Kreataine Ultra (1/2 serving)
*NOW True Balance Multi-Vitamin
*400IU Vitamin E
*NOW Vitaberry

4oz low fat frozen yogurt


5oz cottage cheese
*1G Vitamin C
*3 OmegaBrite EFAs
*5G glutamine

stats “6’0” 180lbs (down from 198 a few months ago). I am trying to find/maintain my ideal 60m sprinting weight (probably around 175-180)."

my first comment was not enough protein. to which he replied "

" figure I get the following protein:
breakfast- ~30g
lunch- ~30g
dinner- ~30g
pwo- ~30g
before bed- ~25g

That’s 145g of protein. I was shooting for the 1.7g per kg bodyweight. How much would you recommend daily? "

now im not flaming the athlete here by any means, but i thought it would be a good point to bring up, the only protein that sticks around for any length of time are lunch (dont get me started on the source…) dinner and bed time. whey is great, but its up side is also its down side. in your system real fast (and i love the bsl stuff esp the watermelon) but out of your system fast. so if you had a whey shake at 8am, even if its in around for 90 mins thats alot of time in a negative nitrogen balance before you get your butt to subway to see your boy jared (sorry i couldnt resist one free shot).

so its not just total protein, yes there is some importance there, but you have to stay in a positive nitrogen balance all day everyday!!! meaning, your body needs amino acids to rebuild and thats basic nutrition, it can keep aminos around for use 4-6 hours depending on metabolic rate, if you are a big strong fast sprinter, chances are your protein turnover is alot faster than that. like every 3 hours max for substantial protein intake. try adding some egg whites, (they are around forever), cottage cheese is great, protein powder blends and mrps, beef, bision, chicken etc. like i said, whey is great for quick hits when needed, but during the day you need to stay anabolic! that means protein in your system at all times.

Something really quick …

First off, what is this athlete’s lifestyle like? School, work, etc? All possible time slots to feed? Financial situation?

I don’t think the whey vs. casein is a big issue here. He is incorporating other foods with his/her whey thus increasing absorption time. The frequency of meals isn’t so long that he/she might plummet into catabolic hell.

More vegetables.

I for one am not going to push an athlete (especially a student-athlete living in the dorms) to say get x amount of protein every day, but I’ll simply educate them to get a protein source in during every meal, incorporate good fats, solid carbs, eat their fruits and veggies every day, eat frequent, and eat clean the majority of the week. Then I’ll tackle the minutia.

I think it’s a great idea to post this so we can offer advice in annominity (did I spell that rite?).

I’ll spend a bit tonight and post toughts tomorrow.

Why is the ZMA not the last thing before bed? Surely there is conflict here as I assume there is calcium in the cottage cheese and yogurt so you are effectivly sandwiching it between calcium which isn’t a good idea as it inhibits absorbion of zinc - if i remember correctly…

i started taking zma a few years back and had the best luck with taking it about 30-45 mins (on an empty stomach) before my last meal, as it would be absorbed by the time the cottage cheese or shake hits the blood stream.