Thoughts on this coach's training

On his website he seems to mention veronica cambell brown and claimed to have worked with her in the weight room since 2005. But here are a few quotes from his blog that I would like to see other peoples thoughts.

Him talking about track and field vs football:

“My portion of the clinic was focused on multi planar movement development. I opened the discussion by showing Veronica Campbell running the 200m in Beijing…and winning!!! Had to throw that in there. And then I followed that with a clip of an ordinary football play. My point was that most sport coaches spend way to much time training linear speed development, when football is a multi planar sport. You see, speed doesn’t just exist in a straight line…speed also exists in the vertical plane. We spend too much time training our football players like track athletes, when the requirements are totally different”

More specifically look at the post about speed development a third way down the page.

“In addition, it is absolutely vital to train unilaterally. Force is applied one limb at a time during most movements, thus we should also train unilaterally. Closed-chain activities such as step ups and reverse lunges are great for developing strength that improves acceleration mechanics. However, I believe that Prowler pushes are even more effective at developing unilateral strength. The following pictures demonstrate a type of prowler push that I use when working on acceleration mechanics. The key is to hyperextend the hip before allowing the next foot to contact the ground. This is also a great exercise for developing hip stability.”

The most bothersome quote to me was the following. As his understanding of the biomechanics inviolved in running is completely off. I remember reading in key concepts about the rotation of the hips and how it is necassary for them to rotate.

“Hip stability determines how you control your center of gravity. Run in a straight line for 40 yards. Video tape yourself from the front and the back. You’ll be shocked at how much time you lose due to excessive rotation in the hips. Not only are your hips rotating in the transverse plane but they are also rotating in the sagittal plane. Picture a plate that is rotating on a table on its bottom edges…right before it stabilizes. These rotary actions are constantly destabilizing your center of gravity and preventing you from maximizing force application. As a result, you are not moving in a straight line. Instead you are deviating side/side or up/down instead of moving in a straight line.”

Latching on to an elite athlete gives people a platform to say whatever they want and many readers will eat it up. I wonder what VCB’s track coach thinks of “her strength coach’s” sprinting recommendations. Also ask yourself, does VCB live in Mississippi w/ Coach Hines? Probably not.

I run at Miss State track minimum three days per week. Never see them out there. I recognize one of the guys from around town though.

I can GUARANTEE you VCB DOES NOT train here.

The sprints coach at Miss State would be a much better resource for speed development. Always wonder why the Fball players never get with him for help with the 40, instead they get some ex-player “expert”.