Thoughts on Applied Kinesiology

As I understand it, “AK’s” are chiro’s with advanced specialization in applied kinesiology. They “claim” to be more effective for certain types of issues (psoas injuries, etc.) than sports med. or orthopedic types.

Anyone have experience with AK practitioners that you care to share? Much appreciated. Thanks.

AK is total quackery. If you rely on this method of evaluation, you may as well consult with your local astrologist or clairvoyant before every training session!

I’ve had it done by a Chiro that I went to initially for ART. The ART was great, the AK was a waste of time.

I would have to disagree.
As any other type of therapy modality, AK is dependant upon the competence and abilities of the practitioner.
Basically AK begins with muscle testing to check for facilitated or inhibited muscle groups due to correct neural firing or inhibited neural pathways respectively. At that point, the problem is found for any inhibited muscle groups and corrected.
But AK is far more than this. AK combines many practices of Eastern and Western therapies…but is very dependent upon how well versed the practitioner is.
If you’ve had bad experiences, it is likely human error moreso than the Applied Kinesiology itself.

I’m still young and trying to learn as much as I can. I haven’t yet had the luxury of learning ART or even having received that treatment…but from what I hear it’s great if done by someone good. I have been learning and trying to practice trigger point therapy, soft tissue techniques, massage, facilitated stretching, along with the occasional thermo/cryo-therapies.
I have started reading an AK book from my friend who practices it, but I don’t do too much of it; because like I said, it’s utility is based upon the quality of the practitioner and I am not yet skilled enough. has some interesting stuff on this.

I don’t know about the testing for deficiencies or allergies (why not just use the standard blood/other tests) but it is useful for finding issues with muscles that have switched themselves off. Get treated by someone like David Leaf and then tell me there is nothing to it!