Those Wristband Thingys...........

what a stupid topic thread idea thingy by me but i am curious.

you see alot of the pro’s wear necklaces and those rubber wristbands.

i know these don’t enhance performance, so i take it they are either
a) goodluck charms in a way or
b) just fashion.

anyway, does anyone here wear them? i’m think of getting new ones as i lost my Nike ones. but i just don’t know which colour, maybe pink, purple, red, blue, white, the list is endless haha

so anyone wear em? i just noticed how many top sprinters wear them sometimes…

I dont wear necklaces cause mine is to long, it bangs glass tables!

But I have worn the wristbands and i have also worn a head band and earrings. I do it for know reason and for luck just to be different