Thompson win race in trainers


amazing. I was wondering why she looked funny in this race

they were spikes. according to this link they are similar to long distance spike

I have some cross country spikes I use to sprint on grass and on track whenever my feet are sore. WHile comfortable, I wouldnt wear them in a meet.

So was this a ploy to garner attention? Or was it a mistake? ( I doubt it) or are their rockets in the shoes? (She clearly already has rockets in her ‘soul’. What is the back story? Why wear something that puts you at a ;possible disadvantage or is there something to this shoe we don’t yet know about?

I mean we all know there is so much full disclosure in track and field with athletes and coaches I am sure the story is out and soon we will all be brought up to date. LOL.

OH that last comment could be thought of as bitter and aloof and possibly dismissive of so much Jamaican talent but I would never subscribe (at least publicly) to thoughts of notions of bitterness and aloofness. More laughing and now I am rolling on the ground with so much laughter.

she said the new nikes sprint spikes (guessing the elite superflys?) were causing Achilles issues.

Everyone is shouting about the ‘trainers’ thing because she used the term ‘flats’ but they were LD spikes with only 4 pins and obviously a built up heal

the extra cushion in those cc spikes are a real help when your heel or feet are sore.

I second that. I’ve trained in Puma XC spikes for years and recently came back to them as my heel started to ache during the last season. They are much kinder to your feet; that’s for sure. And to be honest, I can run about the same speed in them as I do in pure sprint spikes.

Ummm. Achilles issues with a superstar wonder woman at this level hey? Wow - zer!

And blaming it on the spikes? I love that too. Ms Elaine T is not only FAST like the tornado winds she knows what she is doing on the marketing front or she is truly has feet issues.

Nike must be loving all the attention she is getting albeit their spikes are not as elite as Ms. ET.

I get that ya all might be getting issues with your feet and achilles but do you really think Ms. ET is not getting the right therapy for her feet and massage and somehow this surprises me big time. Or as I originally suggested the media attention has been worth it suggesting flats when she knew darn well they were not FLAT.

Just asking some curious open minded questions.

I dont think she called them flats. I think the media did.

Yeah she called them flats straight after the race, then everyone jumped on the ‘trainers’ etc

I think it maybe a nice financial ploy (if she isn’t injured) being that the new elites and plate are Nikes new prime marketing tool and selling bucket loads for anyone to cast shade on them wold hurt, now for to wear them in London and win, win big! would be a massive thing that maybe she could boost her sponsorship funds!

Obviously if she is injured to her Achilles etc then I agree a distance spikes does wonders, and one of my guys (older, bad shins history) is always in distance spikes and sprints (he is a sub 11 runner in these spikes)

ha just noticed she back in the elites yesterday at the Rabat DL with a world lead 10.87