Third years the charm - Trying sub 11

Basics: Male, 27 years old, College student in Chile studying dentistry.
100 - 11.56
200 - 23.45
Bench Press - Current max = 85 kg
1/2 Squat - 3 x 150 kg
Full Squat - 130 kg

Ok people after two years with the same coach and no improvement I decided to switch coaches.

Today was my first competition of the year 12.13 which was pretty bad, however I’ve been on antibiotics since monday because of tonsilitis and I woke up today with what I can only describe as a head cold. I’m struggling with a headache as I type.

Anyway…I did a GPP phase which didn’t work out the way I really wanted it beacuse I had to travel with my parents and record a comercial and work a few days and so forth.

Just to remind everyone Chile is in the southern Hemisphere, so I’m currently at the end of summer beginning of autumn.

My coach this year told me he wanted to make me run sub 11 by the end of the year, is it possible… maybe do I want to achieve that ABSOLUTELY.

So today I ran in 12.13 (unfortunately every year since I started running 2 years ago I start running in 12.x and usually by september I’m, running 11.6 - 11.7 and occasionally 11.5

I’m gonna post everything that I do here to try to keep everything nice and ordered so you guys can see what I’m doing and how things go, and so I can keep everything ordered. I’m going to try to keep a log of everything I do, which will probably take some time getting used to but I think it will help me see how everything comes together.

Cheers all and wish me luck

good luck man sub11 is not easy, (imagine how hard sub 10 is :eek: :cool: )

best of luck

Thanks Raps!!

Anyway, today was probably one of the worst days I could have had. Today was a sunday so I didn’t have to train or do much, but I got up at about 130pm after getting to bed at about 4:30 am (I was at a friends bbq) anyway yesterday my headcold… today it jus kicked my ass, lots and lots of runny nose, and general tiredness. It’s currently almost 12 so I’m gonna go to bed and try to sleep as best I can until tomorrow at 6:30 am and then I’m gonna go train in the morning and during the day get some work done on my thesis, and on some maxillary orhtopedic work I gotta get done for tuesday, which doesn’t really enthuse me and cuts into my training.

Even though the training isn’t full time as I’d like it to be I realize that running 12.13 secs I can’t really be expected to assume a full time training schedule. Even Kael Becerra who ran at the Worlds Indoor Championship is still studying at uni, he’s only completing 3 subjects, but he just ran a 10.47 to qualify for the South American Championships.

Currently I’m supplementing with tribulus terrestris, + my antibiotics for the tonsilitis and I’m using creatine although I’m not religous about it. My eating hasn’t been all that neat either, anyway. I’ll keep you all posted as to what I’m doing every night.


Hey all, today was tragic, in a tragi-comic way. I got up nice and early and got to the national high performance centre at about 9 and waited reading up on my stephen king novel (the talisman) whilst I waited til 1030 for my coach and training partners to show up. Anyway today was weights in the morning and I was supposed to do a bit of accel work in the afternoon but my body was just wasted after the weights with the cold I’m trying to beat, so I went home, had a light lunch and rested.

Weights today:
15 minutes jogging + 5-10 minutes stretching
Full squats
1 x 8 x 60kg
1 x 6 x 70 kg
1 x 4 x 80 kg
1 x 3 x 90 kg
1 x 10 x 60 kg

Half Squats Fast
4 x 5 x 60 kg

Squat Jumps
4 x 5 x 40 kgs

Flat Bench Press
3 x 8 x 50 kg

Decline Bench Press
3 x 8 x 50 kg

Abs in sets of 30 between bench press work.

I was supposed to do 3 x 30 mts, 2 x 40 mts , 2 x 50mts however I decided that I shoyld rest the remainder of the day and I’m taking the day off uni tomorrow and training at 10:30 so I should recover a bit better.

Taking my antibiotic religously, taking tribulus one 30 minutes before training and one before bed, and creatine whenever I remember.

Gonna go to bed and try to recover a bit better.

Cheers all!!!

Thats why you dont do weights before speed work :stuck_out_tongue:

Man you are tough, antibiotics would make me tired. Keep it up

Hahaha thanks raps, I think that I’m tired I’m just finding a way to work through it.

Today I took the day of college so I could rest so I went to the track with my coach and trained, not heavily, I jogged, stretched and did a few slow long accels. (ascentions/build-ups) afterwards I went home and rested and I feel much better, almost completely over the cold and the tonsilitis.

Noticed that I start better when doing build-ups I keep my torso straighter on the angle and I don’t pop up like I do out of the blocks.

I don’t think my problem is strength based, might be mental to a point, but I know that I need lots of work on my form.

Anyway, didn’t do much today but tomorrow I train after lunch so that should go nicely I hope.


Ok kids it’s saturday and I rested since tuesday I’ve rested and been in and out of class and meetings and such. It’s tough to be a Student/Sports Activist/Athlete. For those who don’t know me, I live in Chile and unfortunately here in Chile and especially in the University of Chile there isn’t a very good sports programme. So students have to be activists to get the things done right. This means starting up Faculty Sports Centres which work towards promoting sports in the faculty because we don’t have sports as part of the curriculum. So despite all of this… I try to train and improve.

I think I got lucky on my health though, 'cos today I improved.
100 in 11.99 and the 200 was tecnically very good the coaches mentioned.

Although I could feel that with 80 mts to go I was falling away, I started really well overtaking the guys in the lanes next to me (I also got a really good lane, lane 4) and started really well, although the time wasn’t at all good, 24.69

Anyway, looking forward to training on monday.


Monday, only did weights

Pretty much the same as last monday:

Full squats
1 x 8 x 70kg
1 x 6 x 80 kg
1 x 4 x 90 kg
1 x 3 x 100 kg
1 x 10 x 70 kg

Half Squats Fast
4 x 5 x 70 kg

Squat Jumps
4 x 5 x 40 kgs

After this I did bodyweight squat jumps (I think the correct name for them is counter-movement jumps)

After this upper body weights, Bench Press, Pulldowns, t-bar rows and seated pulls. 3 sets of 5 reps for each, relatively light weights.

After this I rested the rest of the day.

Tuesday I didn’t train because my college timetable doesn’t give me enough free time.

Today Wednesday

Snatch 4 x 4 x 40 kgs (they came out really smooth and easy)
Squat Jump 4 x 4 x 40 kgs
Half Squats 4 x 4 x 120 kgs

Plyos, triple jumps landing in the long jump pit. 5 jumps total (total 15 contacts)

After this I did 4 x 50 mts with the average being 6.3 secs and the third came out in 6.0

anyway, I’m home I’m resting and tomorrow I don’t train (timetable issues again) but I train on friday and no competition this weekend so I train on sat.

Cheers all, I’ll try to post pictures soon.