these are my personal best times

i dont have the pb of the 300 and 400 as i ran them a a tempo so guess i will test the sonn

Distance Personal best time
100 meters 11.36 s
200 meters 23.58 s
120 meters 13.95 s
150 meters 17.20 s
60 meters 7.17 s
80 meters 9.59 s
300 meters
400 meters
i need you opinion by the way i am 16 yrs old male

ok man my opinion, your 200 time is a little slow compared to your 120 and 100 time if you ask me. I run 11.63 and in the 200 I’m doing 23.40 so there’s something that’s gotta get better there if you ask me… otherwise!!! it’s good man

i really dont know how to run the 200, i have that plan of running the first 100 meters 90%- 95% and the other 100 maximum of my condition but it seems to me that i do the 1st 100 about 85% i really loose in it,i have i champion ship in febuary i am planning to hit the 200 with the maximum power from the begining ,a training partner who train with me did the 200 in 23.60the he ran a 200 at the end of the summer and he scored 23.2 i guess i will make like him,also he is older than me by 3 years then i think i have a better chance,my wieght training is basiclly to increase my indurane ,i do my weight training in a form of a circuit as i do 4set with 12 repitions , this tarining has a big effect it increased my muscular endurance i will keep doing it till the next season which i will work on my muscular strength and size to increase my explosive power

those times are great for ur age
the 100 in 11.3 is cool
baily did the sub11 when he wuz 23 so ur doin fine
and maurice did the 10.4 at 19 so u have three years to be better than him aim for that 10.00FAT

thanks for ur Encouragement ,i am a boldon fan too