Thermo Ratios....

Fiber? The is large amounts of fiber of various forms and pectins. If the caloric density is too high you will find yourself not making improvements in bodycomp. I suggest every protein drink should be countered with a salad full of real vegetables. The thermic effect of food is real but he key is to look at the calories per ounce…too much liquid calories through “hulking” phases can cause a negative reaction growth wise (net muscle not just increased fat). Berardi’s salads are key for those wanting to be very lean.

Great advice. Salad or fruit is the way to go obviously… But if that isn’t an option how do you feel about the addition of a fiber source to the shake itself? Ground flax seed, oat fiber powder, psyllium husk, etc?

Interesting post. Do the shake + fruit/veg have to paired or are the right amount of servings of fruits/veggies within a day what matters here?

The thermic effect of food is real and is vital. I find that using very hearty breads that are made from vikings (joke but very earthy from flax seeds) and using my mancakes in the morning helps big time. Inulin can help and the pumpkin seeds and other ideas from James Fitzgerald rocks. Look at the large salad with healthy oils and you will notice that they don’t provide the energy needed in terms of carbs. But eating them with some berries (fruits) and other proteins help because the energy required to digest the stuff three times a day helps. The massive eating ideas from JB have more merrit then I thought and dudes are getting lean and anabolic. I think that teaching the body signals at high frequency is key.

For examle when I consulted with charlie about doing GPP work he did three sessions of moderate loads. In my opinion he made the body signaling of repair three times a day…when he shifted to SPP he then could get that free stimulation to help recovery not just work capacity. What I mean is that the body runs on the metabolism and if it’s elevated fat will just burn like a witch in Salem. Not only that, but muscle will be repairing faster. This is just a theory but I know it is working.

Nutrition wise this can work by signaling digestion (elevated metabolism) and repair and transport. It’s like putting the body on full speed.

Kim, I am thinking about some slow shakes with added fiber…

Great post. Inulin, that’s interesting, it’s very cheap.

There’s a diet book called “Volumetrics” which follows the premise that an individual will tend to eat the same volume of food daily, rather than a particular caloric amount. It suggests that if you trade your small, calorie dense foods for bulky calorie sparse foods, you will be able to lose weight without any perceived hunger or effort.

Not anything groundbreaking, for folks here, anyway.

It was an ok read. I think the premise has been backed up with a study or two.

I think Charles Bass has a review on his site,